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Lungs cancer Stage IV - Please give me some hope

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My dad is affected by lungs cancer which in metastasis now. Now he is under chemotherapy treatment with gemcitabine. Also he is taking geftinib tablet daily. He is well tolerating the treatment. He has cancer in both of his lungs approx. 7cm. and its spreaded in liver also. He has muscular pain in his hip and this week doctor said that his lungs got affected by pneumonia. So he is taking antibiotic vial.

Can anyone please give me some hope for his survival? I am really worried about him. My mom also worrying about his health. I heard that patient with stage IV can be alive only for 8 - 12 months? Is it correct? Is there any survivor more than that? Please give me some hope :(


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I am a survivor of Stage 4 lung cancer in both lungs with mets to other regions, when first diagnosised I had NSCLC in my right lung extensively and my lumps, and SCLC in my left lung. With chemo they gave me 1 year, with my complicated Health issues they would not even say that long.
I have out lived every diagnosis I have been given, if you check my bio you will see I have a very complicated health status, in Jan 09 I was place on Hospice because of deteration of my health and given 6 months, along with the cancer spreading through out my body, I suffered my 6th heart attack and am operating on less than 45% of my heart.
I am still alive and doing quite well, I did the chemo, and I have kept a positive attitude and with the support of my family I am planning to keep going for quite awhile. But I dont live in the future, I live for today because you never know what the future holds. We are all in the same boat, wheter you have cancer or not , you cant tell what the future holds.
You must live for today as should your Dad, create memories, dont live in the future it will be here soon enough. support your Dad with positive imput and support, even when its hard or you dont agree, this will help all of you through this I believe.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Dad,You, and Your Family,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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Hello -- I am sorry to read your post and we on this network truly understand what you are going through. I was diagnosed with this awful disease in 5/09. I did great with chemo/radiation and we were very hopeful. I have recently found out I have bone and brain mets. I am meeting with radiation oncologist today to see about brain/bone radiation and then chemo again. But I will bet I'm not through yet. I will fight and fight and hopefully be one of the many stage IV 5, 6 or 7 year survivors who frequent this site and have given me so much hope and encouragement.

My prayers are with you and your family. Please stay strong and use this forum for support. Laura

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I can totally understand what you and yourfamily is going through. It worries us a lot when we find that our loved ones have Cancer. It is true that NO one knows and cannot say the survival time. Doctors say the Prognosis based on the studeis done in the past . Each and every person is different and so how they fight the cancer. Never give up. STill hope for godd. DO lot of prayers . STill in this modern world ,prayes do a lot than doctors . Doctors do their best to save the patient, it is also the patient's job to fight and face this devil.

My mom was diagnosed with Lung cancer stage 4 in Oct 2008. She lived in India and taking treatment in Bangalore. By the time doctors diagnosed ,it was too late. It is already in stage 4 Non small cell Adinocarconoma. My mom never smoked, drunk..did nothing. I guess because of the stress she had ,she fell sick. Now my mom is still fightning. She can walk ,take care of herself since 14 months.At stage 4 there is no surgery option for us. She is under chemo for 4 months and the tumor shrunk 50%. Later she was given Giftinab( similar to Tarceva tablet) daily. If this tablet works , then it is great news because that will help them to survive with minimum fatigue and side affects.
Unfortunately Giftinab did not work for my mom. After 3 months ,she had severe pain and had PET scan and came to know that Cancer progressed again. Now my mom is under third line of chemo maintenance drug ALIMTA. she is fighting and able to manage the side effects. Never give up. Doctors agve her prognosis as 6-12 months. I just dont beileve that . I pray god every day to save my mom. At this point I beleive in Prayers than on Doctors. Try to find more information on the stgae and treatment options.
DIet is very imp[ortant. Let you dad have lot of Fruit juices, pomogranate,apple,orange,carrot.

beetroot helps them a lot to keep up the blood count. Juice it or boil and take water. AViod Sugars as much as you could. I am doing all this for my mom and she is fightning back with the enery she restores. Wheat grass is the best to alkalist the body and in some extent will try to control further growth of cancer. If you need any information feel free to contact me. bhargavi_tanu@yahoo.co.in. I live in US.

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Hi Bhargavi,

Thanks much for your reply. My dad also taking geftinib only. Lets see how it goes. Your reply gives strong hope to me...Lets pray and fight with this devil. I will pray for your mom also.


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Hi priya
My name is Nubia and my husband Rafael has Small Cell Lung Cancer state IV and he is still fighing. He was diagnosed 2 years ago. My husband is very positive and very strong and you can help your dad with his food and encourage him to continue this batle. There are bad days, but also good days but attitude is very important. Good luck. Any questions. I'm here to help you.

Mark T
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I was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC (non small cell lung cancer) in May 07 and was told that with no treatment I had 9 months to live and with treatment I might have 14 months to live. In four months I will have survived 3 years. I have undergone 3 sessions of chemo treatments and one month of radiation. Proper treatment can lengthen the time you will survive and you should never give up hope.

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I'm quoting something someone sent to me that was on a card from the Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center I keep it posted in my office at work it inspires me I don't know the origin of it but it reads:

"Of all the forces that make for a
better world, none is so powerful as hope.
With hope,one can think,one can work,
one can dream.If you have hope,
you have everything."

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I love it! Hope is my middle name (literally!). When I asked my Mother many years ago why she chose 'Hope', she said she really didn't know...but one day I would know.
Thanks Mama!

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Nana b
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Visiting from the colorectal side........there is hope. Keep on pressing. Attitude, nutrition, and excercise help. There are a lot of stage 4 survivors on the colorectal post and they are very inspiational and supportive!

Stage 4
Colorectal Surgery 11/2008
Liver Resection 4/2009
NED (no evidence of desease) right now

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Nana b--- You certainly are an inspiration,You have a lot going on --I like the term NED (no evidence of disease) keep on, keeping on-- all my hopes, hugs and prayers are with you, Paul.

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