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Cisplatin and kidney damage

Kent Cass
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The subject of kidney damage as a result of chemo by Cisplatin has been raised- I would like to know what others know of this.

I had a bout with my left kidney back in 07. Cat Scan showed a stone. Specialists put two different tubes, the second larger than the first, in the tube between said kidney and bladder. He asked me if I'd ever gone thru chemo! Said the wall lining he saw when he scoped the area had scarring, like is typical with chemo, and the scarring gives one's tubing less flexibility to enable a stone to pass thru it. I didn't have my first chemo until Feb of 09, and the 07 kidney business has given me cause for concern.

Would like any info any of you have on this matter, and any possible other issues with post-Cisplatin kidney damage.


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I hope you get some good info on this Kent, as I just passed a stone a few weeks ago, boy did it hurt. I did have them before chemo as well as after chemo.

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