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groin pain

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Has anyone had groin pain on both sides after radiation both 25 external and brachy. Doc said probably arthritic pain going into the inguoinal groin area. Scans were negative. Surgery- Davinci one year ago and radiation done May. Nothing else but just wondering. Thanks

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I too had occasional pain on my left side - intermittent and not related to exercise - lasted for about 6 months from surgery and I had 27 external rad treatments - was a sharp stabbing pain when it happened eg stood up and started to move or twisted in seat when driving or sometimes coughing or sneezing- gyn onc said I was healing and it did disappear by about 6 mos post surgery

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I would question that the pain in both groins is arthritic pain. I would suggest you keep notes re: any activities that trigger the pain, where exactly is the pain, how often does it occur and what (if anything) relieves it. Are you doing any exercises that could be contributing to the discomort? Then chat with your physician some more. The more specific you can describe the symtoms, the better! Good luck!


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At first I thought I had a pulled muscle in my right groin. I finished all treatment the first week of June last year. When I asked my doctor about it, he thought is was probably nerve pain from surgery. He suggested stretching and exercising and suspects that it will improve with time and activity.

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I remember my mom when I was young, she had her gallbladder removed and to this day if she moves the wrong way she is in much pain. She would always say, "damn I just twisted my guts again"! Now I understand. They say that 90% of patients that have had abdomnial surgery will have adhesions. My son had an emergency appendectomy three years ago and has adhesions, can be very painful.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. I believe I have one on my right side. I stretch to relieve the pain.




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I finished brachytherapy in August; it was the only radiation I had. I sometimes get groin or lower abdominal pain but it is improving very steadily. I think it was from radiation and some of the inflammation caused by that. It use to worry me but as it eases off I feel better. I think if it is getting better slowly then not to worry, if getting worse talk to the Doctor.


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I had the brachy this past Nov and get some groin pain. This past week I saw my gyn/onc and everything is ok just still in healing process from brachy. Sometimes I think I'm ok and overdo so try to take it easy.

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