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Whipples: Info on recovery

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December 19, 2009 - 10:15pm
Hi, My husband was diagnosed 10 wks ago with duodenal cancer which had spread to panceas. He had a whipples. He came out of the op ok but in recovery started to bleed they took him into surgery again. They couldnt stop the bleed & cam every close to lossing him. He had a third surgery the next day they stopped the bleed. three days later took him back to surgery to fix a bile leak. He was in hospital for 2 months. He was discharged last week we have a nurse who comes to our house. Im interest in other peoples storys bout the whipple surgery & the recovery. any info would be great.

Thanx Korina

mr steve
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My wife had a modified whipple (no work on small intestine or stomach). she had bile leak, infection in the incesion, abcess on the liver. had a drain from her liver in for 3 months. The Doc said there was a chance for set backs which we had but no more or worse than what others I have chatted with have had.

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