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Treatment in China Using Gene Therapy, Hyperthermia, CIK, Endostar and TCM

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My mother, who has Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer went to China in late 2009 to receive the new gene therapy treatment using Gendicine, Hyperthermia, as well as Endostar, CIK and TCM treatments in combination. She has had two major surgeries to remove parts of the bowel over the past 2 years, as the cancer had spread, and after the last surgery (last summer) the doctor in Canada did not give her long. This is when we began to research the other options available, as in Canada, the options are quite limited, we feel due to the Canadian healthcare system's internal cost/benefit analysis standards. She even had to wait for them to decide whether or not they would cover the costs for a PET scan! She's only 67!

During her 2 month stay in China, she walked into a PET scan on the first day and received the results the next day! Over the course of her combination therapy, she gained 11 pounds and her tumor marker count went from over 4,000 to just over 300. She has returned to Canada and looks and feels healthy. Ideally, the doctors wanted her to stay for an extra course of treatment lasting one month, but she wanted to return to Canada for the holiday season. We are hoping she stays healthy for the year 2010 and can return to China if her health turns.

You can learn more about Gendicine and how to get treatment in China at Welcome to www.thesunrisegroup.asia

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