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sitting this dance out

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i have been contaplating posting about my bump in the road.
on 12/14 i had a colonscope and the dr found a cancerous polyp.
he snipped as best as possible, but he wants me to have a resection just to make sure.
i am in good spirits, i did make the 5 year mark.
i don't want anyone to be discouraged by this in any way. we all can and will beat this beast.
as of now i am awaiting the appointment for surgery, maybe the end of this week. i have full confidence in my dr's and the man upstairs that all will be okay. i am treating this as a bump in the road. the only thing that gets me upset is that i a have an ***'t manager that is undermineing me at work the same one from july 08. and she is happy that i am sick again. i know there is a god and he will take care of that but i really don't need this right now.
when i went for some blood tests the nurse said to me that this was my 2nd wake up call and she is right. after surgery i will rethink my future with my company. we have just become numbers now and no loyalty at all.
enough of that i need to stay positive and get thru this and i will.
thanks for letting me tell you about my bump!!!
semi's rock!!!
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I'll be thinking of you and saying a prayer for your upcoming surgery and treatment. Sorry you are back in this. You are strong.


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G'day Bruce.
Hope you got my message. It's a pain that they need to do a resection but better safe than sorry mate. With a bit of luck they can do keyhole and reduce your recovery time. They may well find no residual cells and you will need no follow up treatment. The sooner they do it the better you will be. I have everything crsossed for you,good luck,Ron.

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She actually said she was happy that you are sick? No need to worry about folks like her, she is not worth your time believe that! I am sorry about your bump in the road, but I feel good that everything will be just fine, just a minor bump and before you know it you will be back in the saddle. I will keep you in my prayers.

Hey do you work for the federal government? Just curious with your name and all. Plus I work for the feds in law enforcement, and believe me after what I have been through my total way of thinking about my job has changed. I didnt quit, but want to, but realize I still have to provide for my family and pay the bills, so now I look at it differently, and it makes it a bit easier to go there and spend 10 hours plus a day. Anyway take care and keep up posted...


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Aw, Bruce...it DOES make you rethink, when the beast comes knocking again!

I sold my computer business, and have revamped my entire life. My beau, and my family are the most important things. I think about how different life is, and it's a bit scary at times, but yeah, especially after I was told about my second cancer, I knew that my life would not go on forever, and I needed to start the things on my 'I want to do before I die' list....

BIG hugs to you, my dearest!

Hugs, Kathi

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Love the new picture - adorable!

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he was sitting on a bench in a park on an almost impossibly beautiful day!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Just wanted to tell you that I'm also praying for a great outcome.

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Since this is back in the colon and not elsewhere, this would be a brand new cc so not Stage IV. :o) Not that any cancer is a good thing.

DRAT! Hate this for you, Bruce, but glad it was caught early!

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That's such a bummer, Bruce! It really does sound like they got it really early though. More than likely, your doctor got all of the cancer out during the colonoscopy. I know it's daunting process, but the resection will simply be an added insurance to make sure.

Have the doctors mentioned that you may need any further treatment following the resection?

You're looking at this the right way - it's a mere bump in the road and an opportunity for you to re-evaluate and re-prioritze your life.

Best wishes and I'm praying for a fast recovery!

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Have one sick assistant manager for her to even be thinking like that...but let's just say Karma's a b@tch too ;)

Bruce, I hope you know we're all here for you throughout your journey, you're not alone, and I only wish the best for you through this. You beat it once, you'll beat it again, do not give in...you got some butt-kicking to do ;)


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Good luck on your surgery,just don't give up,and you will be ok.I'll be praying for you,as for your asst.manager,it's all in the wheel,what goe's around comes around,just have faith there is a god.As you say,never ever give up.

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We have never conversed yet although I've read many of your posts and can see that you are an ol' timer since 2004, so you have my respect right there...same year I got sick.

Your post struck a chord with me for many reasons Bruce:

1. You had Cancer in 2004 - same as me.
2. You've just reached your 5-year mark from your original Dx - same as me.

I finally went NED after just crossing about 5 years/7months and you were at the golden mark and just got the bad news of a recurrence - this lets me know that there is no real safety zone, that it can continue to come back on each of us and our patience and diligence must be maintained to keep this thing at bay.

Your post serves as a "Warning" to US ALL that even many years down the road, the Beast can reappear in a different form and we have to gear up for the fight again - only this time fully realizing what it will take and what you will endure to reach the NED status we all work so hard to achieve.

I thank you for your Post as it states one of the mantras that I think are important to me and that is that "NED is for Now - NED is for today - and we all hope that it is Forever."

We've never met, but it's my pleasure to be on your post and say Hello, Bruce - I'm Craig or Sundance, although I've been called many things under people's breath I'm sure :)

You sound strong and like you've got a good handle on things and I will be following your story and knowing all the way that you will be back on top of this again...just a "small bump" as you say...the very Best of Luck! I'm glad that you got it early and are on top of it and all over it.


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I'll be praying that your surgery will go very well. I'm sorry you have to go through this again!


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Hey Bruce....

"i a have an ***'t manager that is undermineing me at work
the same one from july 08. and she is happy that i am sick again. "

What's the chance that surgeon can save that polyp in a baggie for you,
and you can drop into that bimbo's coffee when she's not looking?

Hang in there, better days are coming!

Happy New Year!

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Wow, John...if ever we should find ourselves in the same coffee shop I will be certain to keep a lid on my cup-o-java. LOL....

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I am going to say it WHAT A *****!!!I can't even believe someone could be happy about a dx. like this just for the sake of job status. I hope you can look beyond her feelings and get what you need done. Go back in and show her what a survivor you are. Patti

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Hey Bruce

I obviously forgot the other part of your important story - your supervisor giving you grief -we have that in common too.

Before I went out for liver surgery, I was having some sick spells and one day she thought I was gone too long for lunch - well I was in the men's room - she called me into the office and I told her I was just sick - and she said "You don't look sick." A couple of weeks later, we got the confirmation of cancer in the liver. You should have seen the "LOOK" on her face - as Visa says, "Priceless."

And she and her group tried to have me fired and I lived with it everyday too while going through all of the cancer stuff - alot of these folks I know or thought I did - it cut to the core, that people know you are ill and people try and take advantage - it's the UGLY side of human nature it appears and the reasons baffle those that are of a good heart.

I persevered and outlasted her - it took 9 more months but we realigned the departments and I reported to a new supervisor and things calmed down from that perspective and I kept my cool and dignity intact, while they all dropped their pants and showed their backsides.

Then when I was no longer reporting she "seemingly" turned over a new leaf and began to be real nice and now sends me those emails where you send this email to 10 people you know...etc.etc. I think in the end, the GUILT ate her up and perhaps God had a hand in all of that

I am not one to quote the Bible or anything, but a particular passage got my attention during those dark days...take comfort in this, Bruce:

"The Candle of the Wicked Shall Be Extinguished."

Again, all the best as we embrace 2010.


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Better safe than sorry! My post-op results showed NED in my colon, everything removed at my colonoscopy. But they found a 2MM spot on one of the lymph nodes they removed. Had I not done the resection, there's no telling where that little lymph node would spread the beast. Don't let work yank you around, check out EEOC's take on cancer and the workplace.


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good wishes on the upcoming surgery,


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Darn, Bruce...I just dropped you a PM before I read your post. I was wondering about you and how your results came out. So sorry your holidays came with news of more cancer, but you dealt with it successfully once and you can do it again.

I'm sure you remember my mom's story - she has had four separate cancers (Stage III colon twice, Stage II lung, and Stage IV cancer of the mediastinum). Mom has been cancer free from the fourth cancer for four years, going on five. At 71 this summer she took a trip to South Africa and rode an ostrich (who knew a person could ride an ostrich?). Now at 72 she is planning an upcoming trip to New Zealand. Since being cancer free she has gone zip-lining in Costa Rica, hiked the Southern ice fields of Patagonia, white water rafting in Chile, hiked Machu Picchu in Peru, and shopped in Portugal, among many other trips. She is in excellent health now and has taught me throughout the years, especially when I was diagnosed with my own cancer, that the first step in overcoming any challenge is to BELIEVE, to KNOW I can and will persevere.

Just like my mom, you have many more adventures in front of you and lots of living to look forward to. You can persevere and recover from this cancer just like you already have the first time.

As for that assistant manager, don't use up any energy on her that you don't have to. It doesn't matter what she thinks of you - outside of work she is not your problem - something to be grateful for. As for your time with her at work, she has a job to do - she can do her job or leave. Trust me, there are many many people out there who would love to take her place and do so without giving everyone so much grief.

And I know you know that many of your friends who were here for you the first time are still here at CSN to help and there are now many more friends here who will help you get through.

I know you believe it....NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!

Saying special prayers for you, Bruce...

Hugs - Katie

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