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newbornbunny's post: scar tissue "growth"

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(I took the liberty of moving this forward - I hope you don't mind. It was buried in the middle of a huge thread.

Just a reminder to all - I think it's best to post at the end of the thread otherwise your message can be easily missed.)


January 2, 2010 - 1:19pm
scar tissue "growth"

It's been six weeks since I found the scar tissue growth on my labia and pointed it out to my doctor. Since then I have asked a nurse practitioner and two other doctors for help. Nothing has happened, except that I bought a doughtnut cushion.

My two biopsies were "inconclusive" and "dead tissue." I especially liked the dead tissue one. I've had a third biopsy of a shadow on my liver.

At first my two surgeons were so happy that my cancer was Stage IA. They were sure that they had stopped it.

Tomorrow I am calling my doctor back, since he said that his office would make an appointment for me to have the growth removed by one of my original surgeons. My doctor also believes that I should retire on full disability.

What do you think is going on with me? I have no reasons for any optimism, but having this "growth" removed and healed would help a great deal.


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Wow, I think this cancer thing is such a tough road. We get thrown these wonderful nuggets by our docs - "I think we got it all..... I consider you cured already..... etc." But then we get situations like you talk about where docs are scratching their heads and not giving answers. Maybe they don't know and they want us to disappear or something like that.

I think you should continue to demand tests and answers, get second and third opinions, and try to hang on to some level of optimism. Like many have said, we are not statistics. I think cancer is mysterious and clever and the medical people do the best they can. You can also check the NCCN guidelines at nccn.com to see about treatment protocals. Also try the nutritional and other alternative treatments that many of us are touting here.

I hope this is of some help to you. Mary Ann

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Unfortunately, the doctors were all sure this "growth" was no problem. It turned out to be squamous cell cancer unrelated to the endometrial cancer. Unrelated.

My new doctor called another doctor to talk to him about more radiation for me during my last appointment. New doctor said that I am a nice person and my cancer experience (Stage I cancer metastasized to my lungs and liver almost instantly) is "almost unheard of." So I am probably getting another kind of radiation treatment.

I don't like to talk about my cancer--I am trying to stop thinking of it constantly.

I am still alive. My lungs are clear of tumors. The liver tumors have shrunk; they are the targets of the radiation treatment above. Chemotherapy has probably worked against these tumors. I have no family and have been thinking about some plans for my life. I want to do something else besides have cancer.

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Sending hugs...hoping your progress continues :)

You are more than your cancer....I hope you find new things to define you !!


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