Spontaneous Healing- Confronting and Beating Terminal Illness By Sacha Tarkovsky

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Spontaneous Healing – Confronting and Beating Terminal Illness
By Sacha Tarkovsky

Spontaneous healing has been seen by many medical doctors who have seen or heard about at least one patient with a supposed terminal condition such as cancer, and who miraculously recovered.

Spontaneous healing cannot be explained by conventional medicine which perceives 'illness' as separate from 'self'

This means illness can only be treated with outside agents such as surgery, pills, radiation, chemotherapy and a host of other medicines.

This a limited view of illness and other inputs need to be factored into the equation.

Body and mind are linked

Illness and the immune system need to be seen in the context our whole self. Our mind and our body are not separate, but interwoven and work together and influence each other.

The mind is not separate from the body and our moods and personality have an important impact on the healing process.

We have all heard stories of people who died, because they simply lost the will to live.

It is therefore obvious that if we have a will to live, our odds of recovery from any illness will improve dramatically.

The healing process

Improving our diet, our over-all health and our immune system contributes to the healing process and improves and impacts on our chances of recovery.

The process of healing is unique for everyone and no two individuals are exactly alike what works for one person may well not work for another.

You must use the techniques that are right for you. To maximize your body's ability to heal, you must know yourself and build your healing plan around self knowledge.

Our body has great potential to heal itself.

Thousands of cases of 'spontaneous' healing from serious life-threatening disease have been recorded and some people who “should” die didn’t.

The ability of some people being able to survive can be put down to spontaneous healing and the influence of the whole self mind and body to combine and fight and overcome insurmountable odds.

With the renewed interest in the relationship between self and illness, many scientists and physicians have begun to study spontaneous healing from untreatable 'diseases.

By doing so they hope to use this knowledge so it can be used to aid the healing process in others.

People who survived untreatable diseases with spontaneous healing tend to have certain things in common listed below:

1. They have a strong belief in their body's ability to heal in spite of sometimes confronting insurmountable odds.

2. They assume responsibility for their health and recovery and don’t necessarily belief everything the experts are telling them. Some are told they are guaranteed to die but they refused to accept their fate.

3. Many people undergo a 'spiritual transformation' – and find the joy to want to live more than ever before this re-awakening brings new meaning to their lives. Once spontaneous healing has occurred, they reflect on their illness as a blessing that transformed their mood personality and outlook.

4. People who have undergone spontaneous healing tend to have better more meaningful relationships with others.

5. People who undergo spontaneous healing tend to reassess their lives, making very significant changes to their diet, life-style, aims and aspirations making them feel better and derive more from life.

6. You are what you eat and many people who recover ditch the junk food and bad diet forever, moving towards a more healthy diet and lifestyle.

7. People who have experienced spontaneous healing enjoy life more; maybe only people who have been close to death can really appreciate the gift of life.

Man is more than the sum of the parts of the physical body.

He has both psychological and spiritual components.

The above traits clearly show that the mind is involved in overcoming illness.

Spontaneous healing refers to those situations where the body recovers its wholeness when normal body healing mechanisms have been exhausted and medicine fails, it is here the whole self comes into play:

A union of mind and body working together to achieve the healing process.

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  • Kerry S
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    WOW and Amen

    I was told I had 2 years to live with stage 4 type 3.

    In my journey I got all PET scan results and have them on my computer. I studied the location of every hot spot, and then focused my energy on those points. I could feel the node that had the cancer. I felt it when it died.

    I said no to 3 protocol surgeries. This statement has to be tempered with the fact that quality of life at age 66 was a priority. This is not right for everyone.

    My sister was ned for 20 years and then had a tumor. The day before the surgery her doc asked for another scan. It was gone.
  • tiny one
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    I see a therapist who believes and I believe also the a person has the power to heal their self. The mind is more powerful than is known. Spontaneous healing may be what the medical calls it. Alot of us would say, God healed us. I am going to focus this year on being helpful to my family and putting cancer way back in the background. I pray they will find out why some cancer's come back. Soon will be my 3 year mark. My son is expected back from Iraq this month. Doing a happy dance!
  • tootsie1
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    Very good reading. Thanks for posting it!