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Any advice before RAI treatment???

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Hi, I am 3 weeks post completion thyroidectomy for papillary ca. Basically feeling good, I am an athlete.....continuing with my running etc (sometimes feeling like I'm in slow motion . I have been off the Cytomel now for over a week and my RAI is on the 11th of January. I would appreciate any advice from those who have already been thru it. I constantly search the web for info!

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As for bread, the ingredients on the Alvarado St. whole grain bread look consistent with the LID--no salt, no carrageenan, no dough enhancers.  Looks good to me.

But unlike you, I love my dairy:  especially non-fat milk (isn't that better than regular milk??) and yogurt (great source for good bacteria).  I guess they will be my biggest sacrifice for my 3-4 weeks of LID.  I already have stocked up on Coconut milk without any of the dis-allowed adiditives.  That will have to suffice for now.

Again, thanks for your info.




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Hi Jon,

Now that I reread this and think back on it, I think there were some leafy greens I eliminated.  If I remeber correctly, the ones that are known for high iron content are the ones that also have a high iodine content.  So no spinache, kale and things like that, okay to the usual salad greens, lettuce.  I think I may have rationalized the leafy greens by thinking I was doing more than recommended by the strictest diets in other areas so I could be a little lazy about the leafy greens.  I believe I was worried about getting enough veggies and I know I was worried about losing my fiber from my salads since I was already losing my fiber from my bread.

Like my instructions said, "It's a LOW iodine diet, not a NO iodine diet."  Don't go to extremes, you may have adverse health effects.  There have been a few posters who have had trouble following the LID, upset stomaches and the like.


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I found some salt free rice cakes - lovely spread with organic salt free peanut butter (not my favourite, but eatable after a week or so). 

Milk can be a problem, if you do not know what the farmer is feeding the cows. Have they had recent access to a salt lick block? Have they been fed any winter food additives?  I found that doing without milk was the easiest option, even finding water made oatmeal for breakfast instead of milky porridge.

One bonus of LID (especially as I had to do it for 2 months, as the surgeon had left a small amount of thyroid behind, and I could not get my iodine level down!!!!), was I got my weight down. Wonder if I could sell my LID as a weight loss diet???



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