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"The Bald Headed Blues".....

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I absolutely enjoyed this video! I'll be passing it along!

Have a beautiful day - and a very blessed, healthy, joyous New Year!


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Also will send to my friends who went through the bald-headed blues, but are kicking cancer's behind!

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Thanks for the chuckle! Saundra

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Thanks for the laugh!

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Thanks for the laugh. As I go through more chemo, my hair continues to fall out (a lot different then one treatment and then hair gone!) I am just wearing it VERY short this time around!!

I will pass this one on!!

Living for Eternity,

Libby ☺

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Thanks for the link - very funny. I am the father of an ovarian cancer victim. Emily (that's her picture to the left) died at the age of 24 years, 7 months, 9 days, 12 hours and 16 minutes. She was 10 days short of her 24th birthday when she was diagnosed just before her last semester in college. Like Libby, one taxol treatment and out came her hair. And she was a hair stylist at a very nice shop, using those tips to pay for college. She never wore a wig, referring to her bald head as her "white badge of courage. I am always in awe of ovarian cancer survivors, as I know what my daughter went through only to die after 7 months and 19 days of battle. BTW, she was awarded her BA degree in the hospital in a ceremony populated by hospital employees (nurses, administration, doctors) just 62 hours before she died. The Relay For Life team we started in her memory (Emily's Sunshine Gang, derived from her last publicly spoken words: "Live in the sunshine, not in the rain" - she gave her own keynote address at her commencement!)has raised over $70,000. My prayers go out to all of you very brave and beautiful women battling ovarian cancer. You need to know you are amazing!

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