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Pondering Again..............

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You all know, as the New Year rolls in, we have seen a vast amount of Semi Colons claiming NED...Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence...Luck? I don't believe in luck either. What I have deduced is that the medicines are making leaps and bounds in the fight against the disease, but most important, the patients and caregivers are getting more and more educated through sites such as this one...and they are actually taking their treatment regimens with questions about WBC (White Blood Count), Hemaglobin, CEA (Cryo Embryonic Antigens) baffling the minds of unsuspecting Oncologists and I think that is where the Oncologists sometimes take offense to a patient that he may think is threatening his wisdom. This is a win/win for the patient. It allows the patient to see what type of Dr they have, and also whether or not they need to "RUN" or stay, dependent on what their root feelings are . This network of people has helped give us the opportunity to be a part of our treatment verbally, and when not inline with our expectations, the options to go elsewhere and the knowledge what to look for in our treatment plan and also the prognosis of it. Thank you CSN, for the knowledge and opportunity that you and your members have given me.
I was one of those without a clue when I came in here...I first met KathiM, or just seemed to be drawn to her almost every enthusiastic jubilant joy and zeal for life...From that point on it was for me not about whether or not I was going to survive or not, it was the feelings of calm and knowing that there was more to life than simply quitting . How could this woman who had gone through so much in such a short period of time still have a zest for life...and to share openly every detail in her life, it was then I knew I was in the right place. Then came Phil..whom I thought was the Dragonmaster at first, I seem to be a lot more like him than I want to admit (kiddin' Phil)..and there was Kimby, Emily (2bhealed), Ron, Limey, Scouty, CherylHutch, so many that were not only acquaintances but actual friends through this site. Outspoken, daring, fearless, they were models to me, taught me how to be fearless on my own. Now, it seems as if they have passed the torch on to others to lead in this fight, but are sitting closely in the background in case the student fails to release info to the masses in here in the correct timely fashion. They are letting us learn from their experiences, both good and bad, and how to come out on top in any event, all in a matter of how it is perceived and teaching us that through perseverance that we too can not only survive but flourish. Thanks to all of you for that......
Through my short period here in CSN, I think it only fitting to raise a glass to the caregiver of CSN----GRETA and any staff also involved in this site....and also to all of the most wonderful people a person could ever meet. May you be blessed and may happy things surround you in 2010, and that also 2010 be the year for "The Cure"...........

Love and Hope, Buzz

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you rock!

one handed typing has set back my ability ti reach out and commu-nah-kate
and left me with posts to digest, prayers to say, hope to feel and goosebumps of goodness

thanks buzzy for being a part of my/our journey
i hope you know how much you mean to me/us

a glorious new year is HERE and with that dreams of what may come and be, and it is GOOD

love from mini-soda,


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Very well said...and thoughtfully written.

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I don't know what to say, VERY well written. Things that make you go Hhhmmmm!

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That was beautiful Clift. I came on here a few months after you, and also loved reading your warm and inspiring posts, with your wonderful sense of humor. I am glad that the other old timers do still look here, I am sure they do, but sure do miss seeing them post, and updating us on how they are as well. I only been here a year, and learned so much from everyone on this site, and am still learning, since I'm sure there will be more to this scary journey I'm on now. I look forward to meeting new people when they come looking for help, as I like to try and help as well, since I feel it's almost giving back to this community, I just hope there will be a time soon when we see more of the people who were here on this board when it started come back to say they still have beaten this beast! I love those stories of hope!

Thank you to Greta who does a wonderful job with this site, and giving us the chance to connect with others like us, who thought we were alone in this journey, and can now travel all together on it :)


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Can I call you Clift? :o)

I too came in here dumb as a rock. I can't believe how much I've learned and to make things worse, I'm an RN; I shouldn't be so ignorant in medicine, yet, this dx left me totally helpless. I've done my tours in ER, med/surg, ICU, etc... but working in labor/delivery and postpartum has totally left me vulnerable... and believe me, medicine has changed about 99% since I worked those other areas. :) (They don't do colectomies like they used to!)

I've also never felt there were no stupid question, yet this has totally devastated me. I'm glad I can come here and ask a question, no matter how foolish I think it is, and never be treated as stupid.

Through this site, I've formulated my questions to ask my onc. I've got about 40 of them now... and counting!

Clift, I just want to tell you that you worded that very eloquently and was very well said. Thanks again.


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I answer to most everything...some good some not so good. Feel free to call me anything you like at anytime, Im pretty toughed skinned and I know how it feels to cut loose with verbs and adverbs and maybe even a few nouns so if the mood strikes ya and ya wanna vent, fire at will...if ya wanna chat Im here to talk, and if ya wanna call me goofy, I'll be your Donald Duck........Love and Hope Clift or Buzzard, or Buzz...you get the message :)

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"Then came Phil..whom I thought was the Dragonmaster at first, I seem to be a lot more like him than I want to admit...". You crack me up, this made my day. If I was like the second person you met here we are VERY lucky that you stuck around! I can certainly rub people the wrong way at times.

You are right about many things in this post just as most all of your posts are. You make wonderful, thoughtful, caring yet tough at times posts. Your comments here are a REALLY good reason why the newbies should stay away from the statistics. There are more people either beating cancer and becoming NED or others who are living with cancer and staying stable or slowly reaching for NED.

There really are a bunch of great folks on here and I've found that EVERYONE has something good to offer. We also can not leave out Greta. Remember, you can't spell "great" without Greta!

On more than one occasion you've opened my eyes, Thanks for everything Buzz
PS: Hatshepsut had a great post the other day that has not gotten the notice it deserves. It was a very interesting article from the NY Times about cancer.

Fight for my love
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I love this post.Lots of common ground.

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Very well said, very well said. You and other "regulars" on this site absolutely ROCK!!!
I have felt more in control of my situation since finding this board. Sort of like climbing into the drivers seat on this run-a-way train. I thank you for that. It is empowering to come here and read the posts of others that have faced their treatments head-on, of the many that have not given up (not even when the medical profession implied that THEY had), of the members that have had huge success with their treatment, they are all examples of a hopefulness that is contagious. I have already witnessed the extraordinary ablility of the members of this board to welcome, encourage and comfort the "newbies" and in just a few postings that "newbie" has a newfound confidence in how they are going to deal with this unexpected challenge in their life. What a Godsend this board and the caring souls that monitor it are.
Thank you for being here.

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Wonderfully said, Buzz. I hope you realize how important you are to all of us. Your wisdom and kindness are much appreciated.


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Hope you never stop pondering. Your comments and thoughts are thought provoking and insightful. I wish(again) that I had found this site before or during my chemo but still glad I have it to have answers even if I don't ask them somebody does. As a nurse I worked Oncology in 1989-93 so I knew nothing about what has been introduced in the last few years. I was leaving as stem cell transplants were entering the scene. There is no reason to search the internet for answers when this site is right here. Thanks to all of you for making me know I am not alone in this fight.

tiny one
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A great big hug to you and congratulations! My 3 year mark is coming up Feb 19. They say NED, I say cancer free. My son is expected to be home this month from Iraq. Happy dance!!

tiny one
Posts: 467
Joined: Jan 2009

A great big hug to you and congratulations! My 3 year mark is coming up Feb 19. They say NED, I say cancer free. My son is expected to be home this month from Iraq. Happy dance!!

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