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Radiation Treatment

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I have written a couple of posts, but have had no replies so far :( My husband was diagnosed with mec 11/05/09. He had a partial maxillectomy on 12/21/09. His pathology report just came back that cancer was not in the bone, but was in the nerves. They are discussing whether or not radiation is worth the side effects at this point. The cancer was labeled moderate, but is being treated as high.

I was wondering is there anyone out there who has refused radiation? Has anyone used natural therapies? My husband lost 20 lbs. in 1 week and has been having a tough time eating/drinking the smallest amount of anything. He was unprepared for how large the hole would be, and is learning to adjust. He just had his opturater extended to cover more of the hole which has helped his speech. It seems as if he was just sent home after surgery with hardly any info.on how to do certain things, like swallow etc.....He did have the best day yet yesterday - I pray he is turning a corner. Any info would be appreciated!

Any info would be helpful!

Kent Cass
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Removal of part of the jawbone? And the cancer wasn't in that bone? please clarify, FF5. I did have a bout with cranial nerve pain on my left side, but it only lasted a couple weeks. Was not pleasant, but did mysteriously go away. Mom (with MS) had a serious bout with the same a couple years ago- used laser surgery to correct, but not sure they actually severed the nerve. Do not understand- cancer does not spread via the nerves, to my knowledge. The typical spreading is via the lymph system, or even blood. Did they say where his Primary is, or might be? Cancer only in the nerves sounds unusual to the extreme of only one option in play- GET A SECOND OPINION ON THIS DIAGNOSIS, and get it from a highly reputable Cancer Dr. and institution. Can see a cancer growth pressing against nerves, but not being inside the nerves.

Has there been anything said about a feeding tube? Had mine since 1/09. If the Drs. say his swallowing problem will not get better, then this might be a good option. A number on this forum believe in very real positives from the natural course, and common sense says it is good for you- but if there is a C mass that is causing nerve problems- would seem that focused radiation on that mass would be the best path to take, and chemo might also be necessary.

Hope to hear back from you w/answers to my questions.


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I must say I agree with Kent I have never heard of the cancer being inside of the nerves, not to say it can’t happen. I have a lot of problems with the Jaw and nerves by the jaw bone. I get a lot of numbness and pain right below the jaw bone in the neck, but I have also been through Cancer treatment twice. You need to asked your doctors to explain in laymen terms what they are seeing don’t be afraid the more questions you ask the more you will understand your cancer.

I do believe in the natural treatments for Cancer and use it everyday, but I also caution you as there is a lot of garbage out on the internet about natural cures for Cancer that will kill you. Also seek first the advice of your doctor, God have giving us the knowledge to understand the body and how it works when we get sick. The cure rate for Cancer these days are very good compared to just 10 years ago, the treatment may be hard but so is the cancer. When fighting Cancer the natural way it is a very long and drawing out process, the body must first clean its self from all the toxins and bad habits that have been stored for many years. The worse shape that the body is in the more time it will take before the natural treatment will start to work.

I am a Christian so for me Faith in God as my Friend is more importance then anything else and keeping positive through treatment is what makes the difference on your out come. Praying and having others pray for you and your husband to me is the most effective way to start the fight against your Cancer.

I suggest if you are still looking at doing some natural cancer treatments I will let you know what I am doing my e-mail address is on my post just drop me a line. Also do not do anything with out letting your doctor know about it as some herbal medicine will alter the effectiveness of your radiation treatment.

Take care and may the Lord watch over you both and keep you in his care,

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