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Good news

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I got some unexpected results today. I had a visit with my regular dr. I have Epilepsy and have had it since I was 16. He has to check my medication levels every three months. Through chit chatting with the nurse I found out that he could get the results of my bone scan from the hospital that did it. My bone scan was good, Thank you god. I will still have to wait on the pet scan results however. I also managed to get my previously scheduled MRI moved up a week to the 5th. I hope I can get the follow up visits with my lung and oncologist moved ahead. Would it be un-savory of me to fake a sore throat and get an appointment with my regular DR. right after the MRI and get those results sooner too? At least this came out good. Thanks for your comments to my previous post. God love us all.

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So happy to hear of your bone scan results!..now lets believe for a good PET scan as well.The sore throat thing sounds good to me..but why can't you call your oncologist and see if you can move that app.up for the PET results?Or ask for the results from him over the phone if you want to hear them over the phone.I was too nervous when I started all the cancer stuff ..so I just waited to see the dr.But the longest I had to wait was 4 days..and that seemed to help me get prayed up for the visit. Do what makes you feel better. Sometimes waiting on the test results seems like more than we can stand.. But once we know what we are facing, then we can fight! <3

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