Facial Melanoma

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Hello -

My dad went to the dermatologist a couple of months ago and had a large melanoma removed from his face. The dermatologist told my dad that he thought that the melanoma originated from a mole. The dermatologist told my dad that the cancer was very deep (they put a piece of plastic in the surgical area so that his skin wouldn't sink in).

However, the dermatologist told my dad that since it took many years for the cancer to get as big as it did, that he didn't recommend any further treatment. Does this sound right?? My dad is 72.


***** The possible bad thing is that I have to go to this same dermatologist in a couple of weeks to have a mole looked at that has had some serious changes to it....but he is the only dermatologist of the 4 here in town that will accept my insurance*****


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    Hi there. I am not sure if you have gone to the derm and if you have I hope it went well.

    Personally I have had two facial procedure... one for BCC and one for melanoma. Now being that I caught mine early, and I feel I had a great team of doctors, nothing more was needed then the MOHS prodecure I had done. I had a horrible experience with a dermo years ago... he was why I stopped going. Then my husband begged me to go and have a mole looked at with another doctor. I asked around, got a referral from a friend and found a derm that I liked and trusted. I am glad I did... she saved my life.. more then once.

    Depending on what treatment your father had, maybe MOHS... which removes all the cancer before you even leave the office, he may not need further treatment. Has your dad had any further tests done, MRI or PET scan?

    I wish the best for you both and hope that you will continue to post.

    Keep in mind, you want to be comfortable with your doctors...