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Looking for a recommended facility for Mediastinal surgery/surgeon

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Does anyone have a recommendation of a good hospital or cancer center that they used for a mediastinal surgery? Also, any recommendations on a thoracic surgeon as well? Thanks!

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Roswell Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York. I grew up in Buffalo New York and my family used to sponser pts and families from other states who came to Roswell for treatment and needed a place to stay while family member was in hospital.I dont know what part of the country you live in. Roswell is a great place to go. I lived in Florida for 8 years.I recommend Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando Florida. Excellent trauma, thorasic, cardiac, cancer, surgeons and Doctors,and surperb Cancer Center. I am a Regestered Nurse and I worked at ORMC for 3 years on a neuro unit. I can truly reccomend ORMC as a place to go. Both places are top notch for cancer tx. If these places are not close I can recommend any big city University Hospitals nearest you.
I am 9 month survivior of uterine cancer! My Doctor Is affiliated with Roswell Cancer Center. Just by chance I moved back from Florida in May of 2008 and I was diagnosed March of 2009 during routine gyn exam. I would have been at ORMC for tx If I handnt moved.
Sorry , I only just found your post, since I just joined Jan 31, 2010. My Prayers are with you and yours.

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