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Looking for a recommended facility for Mediastinal surgery

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Does anyone have a recommendation of a good hospital or cancer center that they used for a mediastinal surgery? Also, any recommendations on a thoracic surgeon as well? Thanks!

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My husband was diagnosed with mediastinal lung cancer Sept. 28. He has had 7 chemo & 26 radiation treatments.... This cancer as you know by now is difficult to treat. I would like to communicate with you even though I don't have any GREAT news or advice...I PRAY everyday for a miracle.... Do you, a family member, or husband have this cancer ?

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Hello Victory -- I am sorry but where do you live? I am receiving treatment at mass. general hospital (I also work there). I am very happy with my treatment, but not sure how far away you live. While receiving radiation and going every single day I would see people with suitcases and hear people calling for rooms and wonder how in the world these people did this for eight weeks at a time -- but they did. And I was so very thankful I live right here. But there are very good treatment hospitals everywhere. Perhaps someone who lives in your area can help?

Best wishes to you. Laura

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