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Glad to be back

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Hello to all and Happy New Year,
I haven't been here for a month due to a computer crash, but all is well now. I have a lot of catching up to do. First let me say that I hope that the new year brings each and every one of us everything we need and alot of what we want. Thanks to all of you for your time, support and prayers. As far as my own situation all is going well so far and for that I am very thankful. I have had 4 rounds of R CHOP so far and will have my 5th on january 5th. A PET scan showed a complete remission after treatment #2. I was so stunned I was speechless. I still have to complete all 6 though. After that I will have maintainance Rituxin every 3 months until....and there in lies the worry but I'll save that for another time and enjoy whats happening now. I will be so excited to be done and all in all it hasn't been too bad. If I can help anyone it would be my pleasure and if anyone has things to share from their experiences at this stage I would be grateful. Mary

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Hi Mary: My name is Hilde and I would like to wish you a very Happy and Healthier New Year. It was so nice to hear that you were in complete remission after the 2nd treatment. I was diagnosed with this in 2004.
Had 20 radiation treatments. Then I was home free for 4 years and one week.
Then had my cat and pet scan and they saw some nodes. So we did a bone marrow biobsy.
It had gotten into my bone marrow. I was diagnosed with stage 4.
So did 8 rounds of R-chop. So then did the scan and another BMB and it came back clear. So he wanted to do two Rituxin and then Zevalin. Which was a total scary thing to me. So I did that the day before Christmas eve. So now I have to do 12 weeks of cbc tests once a week. So we will see what happens there. They said it will drob my blood counts. Hopefully not too badly. I am also on blood thinners. So that is not the best. But coping the best I know how. Hope you have a good day,I am fairly new to the board.
God Bless, Hilde

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Thanks for your reply. I hope all goes well for you. My blood counts dropped quite a bit on days 8 thru 14 of my 3 week cycles but rebounded very well each time so far. By the time it was time for another treatment they have been normal. Being on anticoagulents they will watch your platlet count carefully. My platlets so far have not been affected at all so I hope the same holds true for you. I had to be good to have gotten 4 years but hard to deal with it again. Thank goodness there are treatments available. My MD has tossed around using Zevulin but I think has decided to save that for down the road and use maintaince Rituxin every 3 months when I am finished with the RCHOP. I wish you the best and keep me posted. Mary

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Hi Merry/Mary

Congrats on your remission....what a blessing! I too am in remission. I've completed a lot of chemo and on the Rituxan maintenance plan.....no need to worry. Rituxan maintenance is a piece of cake! You will handle it like the trooper you are! We look forward to hearing your good reports! Take care and God bless.

Ps welcome back! Glad u were able to fix ur puter!

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