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Thanks to all for your support this year

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I want to take the time to thank all of you, especially William, for all the kind words and support. John is recovering nicely now that the infection from the hernia repair is under control. He is eating different foods and tolerating them well. He does have an appetite, and that is good! The news that they got all the cancer out and none of the lymph nodes show any involvement was the best Christmas present we could ever ask for. He is still getting intermittent arrhythmia, but they have him on medication for it. He never had this before the surgery, but we were told it can be a side effect of any thoracic surgery. Now he is concentrating on rebuilding his energy levels. Considering his surgery was more than the baisc esophagectomy, all is going well.

We send prayers to all of you for a happy, prosperous, and above all, healthy New Year!

Lee and John

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Lee & John

best of luck with the new year! My dad had surgery too---he is still on medicine to prevent those heart issues you mention. The dr said it is routine. I will keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers!

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Thanks for letting me know that John is not the only one on meds for the heart issue. They changed it from Lopressor to Cardizem and he is doing much better. I hope your dad is doing well.
Have a great 2010!


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