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12/14 was my first infusion with Folfox. Then I started having noticeable skippy heartbeats and the EKG showed some irregularity. This lasted for about a week and is gradually tapering off. I know that it was caused by the chemo but onc wants me to see a cardiologist to rule out heart problems. I see one tomorrow. If it was chemo induced, my onc said he would change my anti-nausea meds before my infusion. He mentioned something like Zofran. Anyways, he's not scheduling any more treatments until the cardio doc makes a determination. That means about 3 weeks of freedom from nausea and all the other nasties. My appetite is back and my energy level is good - in fact I feel wonderful! Is this a false feeling of well being?
I had my neighbor, who is a pathologist, look over my pathology report that was prepared right after my surgery. He said that it showed that the tumor had NOT broken through the wall but 1 node was cancerous so that staged me at IIIA. How could that happen? Does this mean those nasty buggers are floating all over in my blood? My onc says it's too soon to do any testing - I never had a PET but abdominal CT (pre surgery) and chest CT (post surgery) was clean and my CEA was .9 before surgery. You know, I just have a feeling that I don't have cancer anymore but how can I prove that? Do I just grin and bear the rest of my treatments?
Anyway, HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU to you all. That's Hawaiian for HAPPY NEW YEAR. I wish you all the best for the New Years holiday and keep warm. Hate to rub it in but I'm sitting here in my shorts and tank top with the windows all open!!!!!!

Love you guys,

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There's no way to prove you have no cancer now. Most people in your situation grin and bear the rest of the treatments, trying to lower the chance that microscopic cancer cells won't start tumors in the future. Those cells, if you have any present, wouldn't make you feel sick. It's great you're feeling so good, but it doesn't mean you should skip the rest of your treatments. Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to you.


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similar issues with heart rate. I was also on the FLOFOX chemo regime and it made my heart rate increase somewhat. I to say a Cardio Doc and all was good. I also had issues with an increased heart rate when I took the Neulasta shot for white blood counts. My body does not work will with time released meds.

I too was on Zofran. It worked great for me, but remember each individual is different so meds will act differently.

I was not able to get a CEA marker done before I was DX because I had to have emergency surgery, so I will never know if it is a good marker for me. When I smoked, my CEA level was higher than it is now that I don't smoke which is 0.5.

I was DX with Stage II colon cancer with no lymph node involvement or signs of spreadings so chemo was an insurance policy I wanted to take.

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and Adriamycin/Cytoxin and Taxol 6 months after finishing for breast cancer.

I had some irregular heart beats, and just got the 'all clear' from my cardiologist. He said, for me, that the funny beats were PVC's, and, for me, (it happened while he was watching), he is not concerned. BUT great that you are having it checked out!!!!

I, too, was borderline stage III...one node 'interested' (I never realized cancer was a spectator sport). I had chemo/rads before surgery, so by the time surgical staging could happen, well, the tumor was remarkably gone!!!! I listened to my doctor, who recommended that, based on my age and health, we should go ahead and remove my rectum and sigmoid colon and replace the rectum 'storage' function with a piece of descending colon. I'm 5 years down the road, no reoccurance, and doing quite well.

I never regret the decision to go ahead with the surgery...even when the pathology on everything afterward was negative for cancer. But, that's me....I am in no way a chance taker, and am such a worrier that I'm sure I would be driven crazy wondering had I not done it.

BIG hugs for you!

Hugs, Kathi

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I to have a skip now and then on heart problems my tumor was the size of a softball and had gone throught the wall 34 lymph nodes removed 19 had cancer am 1/2 way into chemo and was told that it is just to make sure if they missed something that I would not have cancer return . I am hoping they are right just grin and bear it is my moto. Life is worth fighting for of I throw up I am reminded I am alive..Best of luck.

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Do you know the saying about the person who keeps hitting their head against the wall and when they're asked why they do it they say "because it feels good when I stop". That's how I feel whenever I get a small break from chemo. I'm used to feeling like crap so when I don't feel as bad I see it as feeling good. If it were pre-cancer I'd say I feel like crap.

This probably makes little sense. I'm glad you are feeling well but I felt GREAT up until I found out I had stage IV colon cancer. I was bummed but I felt fine, like there was nothing wrong with me. As far as nausea goes, go herbal "green". Better than any man-made anti-nausea meds out there.

I hope you are all clear and continue to feel well but stay aware of what's going on.

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