Cancer in pelvic lymphnodes

I am in the middle of treatment...almost done. THank god it has been a long 2 months so far.
I have cervical cancer and it is also in my right and left pelvic lymphnodes. During surgery I have 15 removed from my right side that were cancerous. Anywho I am wondering if anyone who had radiation to their pelvic lympnodes experienced any pain during/after treatment ? I have pain a constant pain every now and then and sometimes when I walk it hurts. I keep bringing it up to my dr but he says that the pain is the cancer dying ??? That just sounds odd to me.
Anyone with some insight?
THank you


  • beckyracn
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    I was in the same boat

    I was in the same boat as you, but with extended mets into the aortic and ileac lymph nodes also. I had a lot of discomfort and my abdomen became so bloated from the radiation I looked at least six months pregnant. The docs told me this was normal due to inflammation from the radiation. I experienced a lot of hip pain and still do. Now they tell me this is not related to the treatments...although it started during the treatments. All I can say is some of the pain goes away and new ones appear. A few months ago I was experiencing a thrill in my left lower abdomen. They did an ultrasound which in turned caused excrusiating abdominal pain. The only thing they could come up with was that the pressure of the ultrasound broke loose some adhesions and everything needed to settle back in...that was a fun ride! I wish you luck throughout your journey...each day is a new adventure.