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CT Scan results, experienced semi's please help

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My hubby just had a CT Scan after eight treatments of FOLFOX6 / Avastin / Oxy.
Results from scans --- no change, everything is stable. Will have 4 more treatments
and scan in 8 weeks. What do you think of this?

Thinking now...leisons in liver might not go away. Any options available?
Is it possible the leisons have been damaged by chemo? Help :(
Onc. seems to be encouraged because everything is stable??

Haven't posted lately but have been checking in...thanks for all the help this
board provides.

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I don't have answers for you, but I will be praying that you and your husband will get good news.


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Stable is a good thing. Think of it this way...Always, and I mean always take the good out of the statement made and dwell on that. STABLE is good, Stable to 75% of cancer patients would be great. There are very few things in the cancer journey that are magnificent. After you understand that its the very minor wins that we get that really are far more major once we relish the enormity of the monster we face. Its the small little wins or small gifts of NED or stable or simple taking the slightest hint of a good thing out of a what seems to be death sentence.....for example, how would you pick apart this sentence if told to you , and what would you as a cancer patient or caregiver take from it?
" There is no hope for him, we only want to keep him as comfortable as possible"

That seems as a blunt sentence of telling the caregiver that the end is near.....true but ya know, think of it this way...it is also a way of letting you know that you are given time to spend with that person knowing that it is limited but nevertheless valuable time to assure each other of the thoughts and blessings that each of you have been to each other and to share niceties with each other.
and there is always Hope...as long as the patient is breathing there is Hope...but it allows us to spend time telling the patient about feelings maybe we never shared before, to offer solace to each other so that neither is left without saying what they want.

Take the "stable" and be happy with it...because what you may not realize is that stable may allow him to be around long enough to be the receptor of a brand new medicine or treatment or best of all CURE...so you see dear, Stable is a Godsend to most all cancer patients..It is a postponement to allow us to enter into maybe a whole new realm of cancer treatment. It will eventually happen, him being stable may make him part of that eventuality........Love and Hope.......Buzzard

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I have to follow Buzzard,
wise man that he is.
Stable may also be the'right before shrinkage'
Hope should be the last thing standing.
as long as I am breathing,I have hope.
good luck to you
God bless

you know I speak with the utmost respect
and affection.

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Appreciate the help...Buzzard you're exactly right...
we're enjoying the time we have and he's doing great!

My Mom had breast cancer 10 years ago and she told me last
week not to worry...almost all of her friends in the waiting
room who were so concerned about her having "cancer"
have passed away from other things and she is still
smiling and happy to be here....

Thanks for everyone on this board for all your help!
You're all great!

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