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Update on hubby~

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Hi. I have an update on my hubby. He had surgery on Dec. 16th and was discharged on Christmas Eve. We have been staying at his parents house. My hubby's two infections (one in the neck and one in the tummy where the incisions are from surgery) seem to be healing. I have the fun job of unpacking and repacking them with gauze several times day. He is starting to act more like himself. At first, he was so groggy and acting strange - I think from not sleeping in the hospital plus the pain med's.

I am not sleeping much because of the getting up every 3 hours to give him his pain med's, but all in all, we're doing well. His vision is still not very clear - he calls it blurry. It has been blurry since he came out of surgery - the dr.'s not sure why so I will most likely be taking him to an eye specialist soon. The Home Health Nurse has come two times thus far. Our insurance only covers 4 visits, but I think I am doing well in taking care of him. She has given us the supplies we need to care for his infected wounds, as well as all the feeding supplies for his nightly feedings.

He does get tummy aches off/on, but that is to be expected from his new 'diet' of all liquid feedings. He is still not able to take anything by mouth because of the 'leak' in his new esophagus. I give him extra water in the syringe in his feeding tube several times a day to keep him hydrated. His pain med's have come down to only 5ml of Oxycodone because while in the hospital, he was on 30ml. so pain wise it is getting much better.

He is getting up and taking little walks. He is still walking very slow. Our girls are finally with us again and that is wonderful! Although, I do have more work cut out for me with them here.
Thanks for all the prayers. I too pray for you all as well.

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Your husband and my dad sound very much alike. Good to hear an update and I will continue to pray for a nice recovery!

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