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stage I inoperable Lung cancer survivors

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Are there any long term stage I inoperable lung cancer survivors out there. I am new to this site and I just finished chemo and radiation. Just wondering what therapies everyone has had? Did any of you have hearing damage after chemo? How long after radiation and chemo did it take before your scans showed no more tumor? Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I just wrote you such a long response and it is in cyberspace somewhere now and I can't type all of that again, ha! so quickly I will tell you.I was diagnosed with terminal 3rd stage inoperable lung cancer in April 2008,In the lymph nodes and then two spots on brain which showed on the CAT scan{ after deep prayer} were not there on the MRI.My hearing has been affected since my first treatment..called nerve damage..and it may go away for you but I have had it over a year but getting used to it.Vision changes, digestive and esophagus issues..but I recieved VERY aggressive treatments..not to heal the tumors but to try and get me operable...With all that said...My family and I believed God's promises in the Bible and believed Christ desire is to heal.WE listened very little to the two months to live from the drs and read the healing scriptures from God and believed He would be true to His Word.i just celebrated the second Christmas Drs said i would never see and I have watched my grandsons and children,husband and friends celebrate two more birthdays along with two more of my own.My PET scan was cancer free three months after I started treatments..And my last one was Dec 11th ..still no signs of that demonic cancer.My Drs call me a miracle and I give God all the glory.I am also thankful for my drs..as God created drs.to help people.You are in my prayers and welcome to email me if you like. I will send it to you privately if you need an ear or support.Cancer stinks,But God is greater,,, prayerfully... Jill

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Stage 1 inoperable, now that is a strange combination of words to me. How can stage 1 be inoperable? Or do you mean that they see no need for surgery, which is a completely different story? Or is it a location issue?

In any event, to answer your questions directly:

Therapies, treatments, vary, as you will discover if you peruse back through even a few pages of this board. Stage, location, and other factors like health and age may be elements of the decisions by your doctors with respect to the treatments thought best for you (for this reason, some of us recommend strongly that you not wait to begin an exercise program, if you are not already exercising regularly, and that you also quit smoking, in particular, but also drinking, if these are now a part of your regimen).

Personally, I had a lobectomy of the lowest right lung, followed by chemotherapy (carboplatin and taxol), but, again, this varies.

I did not have any hearing problems, but have read of such, and have been warned by OncoMan on more than one occasion that such might be the case. I would advise that if you are experiencing such, you let OncoMan know, so that he/she can hopefully help you to alleviate the problem. You should not have to experience any unnecessary pain, especially pain that is unnecessary because you failed to alert your doctors to a problem. Feeling good, kind123, makes it easier to survive, in my humble opinion; we give up, if we are going to give up, much easier when we are in pain.

As for the scans and 'good' pictures, in my experience for the first year you should expect scans every three months. If all goes well for that first year, OncoMan will stretch them out to every six months for a year or two. Others I have talked to or read of on this site seem to concur, generally, that such is pretty much the case, although the gap the first year between scans may vary a bit, some of it due to scheduling issues, I suspect.

You should hope, of course, that following treatment your next scan shows NO sign of a tumor.

Take care,


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Location and the fact that my right lung Has some other issues and could not supply enough oxygen. The cancer was a 2CM tumor with no spread to any other part of body or lungs. Recieved chemo and radiation for seven weeks. They are still seeing inflamation in the lung that was radiated. They cannot see the tumor but say it could be under the scar tissue or inflamation. They will do another PET in two months. The intensity on the Pet the first time was 10.1 and now is 6.1, not sure if that is much of an improvement. I don't know of 10 was high intensity or not.

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