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Question here?

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So dad had surgery 12/7, Had leak test done and past it. Well come to find out 2 wks later he had a SMALL leak that went unnoticed and caused and infection. So they had to get back in there and clean him out. Run antibotics and they did a scope in the mean time and saw that it was starting to heal it self. His 2nd surgery was on the 22nd. He was in the hopsital for xmas. Came home saturday on a clear liquid diet. He has to remain on that till the 7th. Then have a sallow test and xray done. If all goes well then he may eat. He was eating eggs and rice kripes with milk and soggy cookies before 2nd surgery. He want a lobster really bad and crab meat with butter (a little)... Do you think he will be able to have those foods? What about crab cakes without the outside thats fried? He just wants the inside? I told him he should be able to but Im not sure. So Ill ask my friends here. He is a little scared to come on this site still but I think im going to give the info to my mom. He will be starting chemo soon and I think it would be nice for my mom to relay the info and hope back to him.

He is still on the feeding tube and his only taking 1000 in because he gets a belly ache if he takes more then that. His paitents are thin lately but I know its from going in for a 2nd surgery, just when he started to feel better. One of the many pittsburgh pot holes we will hit thats for sure!

God bless,

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Hi Tina,

Most of the time I would say it probably wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't chance it unless they said that he can increase his diet to soft liquid diet. You just don't want anything to pop open again.

Tell Dad sorry. You can also call aimee mcbroom at dr L's office and see what she says.

God Bless,

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Tina! I must agree with Kathy. Not at this time. I would not push it. Tell dad good things do come to people who wait!! He will get his seafood fix as soon as his new esophagus can handle it!! Keep up the good work.

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