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Julie 44
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Hi everyone,
I am new to this site..I have been posting on the colon cancer site since I was diagnoised in 9/08...I had stage 3 colon cancer and had a resection done..I had 12 rounds of chemo and was NED for 7 months...Well now my CEA levels are rising..I had a PET scan and it showed 6 liver mets...I went to Sloan Kittering Cancer Inst. in NYC for a second opinion..(My oncologist here said there is nothing he can do other than chemo and I need more)...So I got a second opinion at Sloan and there the oncologist said my liver is inoperable and to come back in 3 months...Well my husband and I were not happy with that answer so we got a referral to a liver specailist there at Sloan..Saw him yesterday and he said I had many options and we did an MRI...When the results come in we will discuss treatments....So I am so glad I went to him...It is very important to get a second opinion..The thing I have learned the most is to be your own advacte...You must ask questions and do the research..Knowledge is POWER.....JULIE

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Thanks Julie, for your encouraging words. Blessings on your decisions and I hope you are doing better.

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