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Went to Sloan

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

Just wanted to update you all..I went to the liver specailist at Sloan yesterday..At least he gave me hope....Had a MRI done and when he gets those results back then we will discuss treatment...So they said in 2 days or so...Now its just the waiting game again as usual.....JULIE

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That's good, Julie

I can't wait to hear what the gameplan will be.

So, 2 days puts us on New Year's Eve - what's the odds of getting an answer on that day, LOL :)

I hope they do get a hold of you, but if they are still sipping their "eggnog" well then enjoy the holiday and Happy New Year 2010!


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I liked the Dr at Sloan who "De-livered" me.
Dr. Jarnigan. They have some really good teams over there

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What were some of the options? Have they mentioned sir spheres?

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

He mentioned sir spheres,the pump,RFA, surgery,chemo,he said it all depends on what the MRI reads..But the key word is options........

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I hope for good news take care


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Prayers being said for great news from the liver specialist. Try to relax and enjoy welcoming in 2010.
Thoughts become things - choose the good ones!

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Hope is always welcome! I'll be praying you get a wonderful game plan when you talk to the doctor again.


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What liver specialist did you see? I am seeing Yuman Fong. I am bummed that this first meeting won't be more than the meet and greet and hand off my scans. I am travelling from chicago and was hoping to send scans earlier so pathology adn radiology could weigh in and have a suggested plan when I got there.

Good luck to you Julie

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Have you told them of your situation and how far you are traveling? I would think they could make your visit more informative for you. You can FedEx the scans and talk on the phone otherwise.

Just a thought.

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Prayers being said for great news about your MRI.

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It will change for the better soon...gone to far now...Warrior Up...get mad...get your game face on...it will leave ya sooner or later.........Love and Hope, Clift

Guess I'll go get a bigger rope..............

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