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Sore Shoulders Since Starting on Xeloda

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I have seen other postings re: sore feet, and that prompted me to write. I started on Xeloda last month. Since then I have had unbelievable pain in both shoulders. Sometimes I wake my husband up because I am moaning in my sleep. To go along with that I have also gotten the sore feet and aching muscles. When I get up from sitting too long I feel like I am 80 yrs old!! I eventually can walk it off, but it is getting very annoying. Has anyone experience this on Xeloda? I'm starting to think that I am loosing my mind! I don't see my oncologist until the 12th of January, and can't wait to ask him if this is due to the Xeloda. I was hoping I might get some reassurance from some of you that this is real and not me imagining ailments that don't exist.


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