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has anyone ever heard of getting too much rad for surgury? I went to the recomended surgon and she said she would have to take it to the board of surgoens as i should of had 45 for surgery and that they gave me 67 and she feels that I would not heal after surgery with that much radiation

PBJ Austin
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I don't know with any certainty but based on my sister's experience with radiation I will give you my best guess. We are told that radiation compromises the immune system, therefore a person is more likely to get sick just after radiation. It's possible that with a compromised immune system a person will not heal from surgery as quickly as someone who has not undergone radiation.

I would call the doctor or nurse practitioner for a definite answer, but this is my best guess based on my limited knowledge. All the best to you.

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It is quite possible, I am sure, for one to get too much of a good thing (:)) no matter what it is.

Prior to my lung cancer diagnosis, for example, I was diagnosed with head/neck cancer. ENT Man (ear/nose/throat guy) indicated that I could go with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, OR I could go with the chemo and the rads.

If I chose the latter, there would likely not be a chance for surgery later, as, in addition to what PBJ suggests, the radiation would damage tissue sufficiently that they would not be able to do the surgery they were proposing.

In any event, the doctor may be considering what I just mentioned, along with PBJ's idea with respect to the immune system, along with the matters of your health and habits (Are you a continuing smoker? Are you a continuing drinker? Do you also suffer from COPD or weight problems or heart problems or diabetes or any number of other issues that might raise red flags? Just as a few examples.)

You make a strong case for the idea (one I advocate strongly) that all of those who MIGHT be involved in your care following your original diagnosis should BE THERE from the start.

I am surprised that this doctor is taking another to task, someone in an entirely different field, when you get right down to it.

I would suggest to you that if the board does not go with this, you find another surgeon, one who is more amenable to taking this apparent next step, if you can do so. Despite what I say above, it sounds as though this one has a rather negative attitude, given just the facts you provide.

Good luck with the board results, by the way!

Take care,


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I was getting chemo and rad for my nscl cancer when i finally went for my second opinion, the onc sent me to a surgeon and he told me that if i continued my rad and chemo he could not do the surgery because it damages the lung and surgery would be difficult but if i had the surgery i could always have chemo and rad after if needed i quit my rad half way through and had the surgery I feel it was the best decision for me. I have been told that with alot of cancers ( my brothers prostrate cancer) the dr. told him the same thing chemo and rad can not do surgery, but if they do surgery chemo and rad later if needed. hope this helps and soccerfrks seems to always have the best advice, good luck

best wishes happy new year


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I was diagnosed inoperable but after 33 radiation treatments and 16 chemos.I went to the surgeon to see if It got me operable.I still wasn't { although praise God I was actually cancer free from terminal 3rd stage lung cancer}But the surgeon did mention I probably wouldn't make it through the surgery due to a few things but one was how much radiation I recieved.I didn't question him because my husband and I were too busy thanking God for answering the miracle we had asked for.Healing and keeping the lung. God still heals! But YOU must read what He says about healing and believe He is a God of His Word.It was not easy hearing a dr tell me I was going to die in a few months but I kept reading healing scripture and believing...Even if you can't have the surgery..I am a miracle to my Drs, because I believed the Word of God.you can be that miracle too. prayerfully, Jill

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Personally, I think you should be praising your physicians and radiation oncologists, but that's just me.

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