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for those who've had surgery-- a few questions?

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For those who've had surgery---it seems that tomatoes are supposed to be avoided because of the acid. My dad's favorite foods were always tomato based pasta dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, goulash, etc. If he can't have these, has any one found a substitute they liked? I have heard of Nomato---but don't know if it is any good.

He has his second swallow test 12/30--pray it goes well. His surgery was 12/7 at Duke and has been on a feeding tube since, but has been home. He tries to walk 2 miles/ day and is doing OK. HE still i on pain meds. How long does that last last?

He also gets tired very easy like he did after chemo---will this and chemo brain type symptoms go away? ????

thanks to all of you, my CSN friends--without you I would have been a "basket-case"!

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My prayers are with you and your family. I am actually posting from the short stay waiting area.

When dad is work up to pastas first try pesto or another lite sauce. Then work him up to a
jar sause like Prego put a little on the pasta at a time. His taste bud might still be off so
prepare youself for that.

I has been 2 months already since Al had his surgery and he is eating tomato sauces.
The nutritionist said everything is trial and error. So if he likes it work him up to it.

I give Al a Gas-x tablet when we try someting new, and also make sure that dad is given an rx
for reflux.

Al had eaten ravioli with meatballs and sauce. My motto is try a little at a time see what happens if it doesn't bother him give him more the next day. If it does bother him try it again in a week or 2. Pasta has so many carbs that he will need them to gain weight.

Good Luck!!
God Bless,

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Kim,
So glad to hear that your dad is home and recuperating well. God bless him for wanting to walk 2 miles. He may not be able to do that much at first. Kathy's advice is great with trying it a little at a time. Reminds me of when our babies are getting introduced to new foods. Dad has to learn patience. It will take a long time to be back to his old self. Tell him to remember that good things come to those who wait!! Keep in touch. Hugs to dad.

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he cant have tomatoes like vine ripe cause of the seeds getting stuck but he can have sauces and stuff like that. But like mumphy said taste buds will be different i found that out with Jeff, somedays he would be hungry for something totally different than what i was going to fix for him. Being tired is normal especially afternoon and evening, Jeff's best time is in the morning after a good sleep at night. Chemo brain will be around awhile, Jeff still forgets even with everything we have gone through, he has to write everything on the calendar and he use to remember really good its part of the chemo. Pain meds is really how well he feels and what all they did to him he will slowly go off of them but remember he had major surgery, and it all takes time as they told us. Just take one day at a time, and it will get better, remember he won't be able to eat big meals anymore just little ones what use to take 15 min to eat may now take 30-45 min, eating meat is the hardest as its harder to digest, we always did better on hamburger and chicken, nothing thick and chunky.

if I can help further let me know


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Hi Kim,
My mind is still foggy, but did your Dad have laprascopic? mine was the 3 incision open so we are probably at different stages of healing, I can't walk far at all, can't stand up straight because of the rib and chest incisions, but I was told to keep up with the pain meds as long as I need them since they took part of my rib and moved my ribs so much the bones all hurt and the dr said you heal better with less pain. I was afraid of taking too much but the nurses told me not with cancer you don't worry about it. So glad your Dad is doing so well. I am eating Chef boy ar dee, not gourmet but trying to gain weight and it is mild so have not had any reflux. I have to wait 6 wks before I can have regular tomato sauces etc and am dying for a wonderful salad too. Never heard of tomato substitute. Sorry I can't be of more help. take care and prayers for your Dad continue and you too!!

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