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newly diagnosed mom HELP!!

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I went into the ER a week ago with severe side pain. Admitted me for a week. Did chest xray, ultrasounds, cat scan with dye, and liver biopsy. Found out I have 14 tumors on liver. I do not drink or smoke. No hepatitis or fam hist. They believe it came from somewhere else. THey are thinking the stomach or pancreas. Trying to find out now. They told me that I cannot do radiation or surgery because its too many of them so I have to do chemo. Trying to find out from biopsy where it started.
I have 3 teens. I am scared to death. I live in Toledo but I am trying to get into the cleveland clinic asap. Any advice or anything you can help me with on this?

Julie 44
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I am new to this site but have been posting on the colon cancer site since 9/2008.I was just also diagnoised with mets to the liver...I just went to Memorial Sloan Kittering in NYC to get a second opinion...I wanted to tell you get a second opinion or 3rd whatever it takes...I went because my oncologist where I live said I should go there cause all he could offer me was chemo again..Since it spread now to my liver from my colon they could do more there for me..Well I saw an oncologist there (which I had seen when I was first diagnoised with colon cancer for a second opinion) he said my liver was inoperable and to come back in 3 months..Well my husband and I didn't like that response so we got a refferal to a liver specialist there..Saw him yesterday and he said I have MANY options...He gave me a MRI and when that comes back we will discuss all of my options....So my point is NEVER give up if you don't like what you hear go see somebody else..You MUST be your own advacte cause nobody else will be...Ask all the questions you have and then do research and then you can make a informed decision...Good luck...JULIE

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Like Julie, I usually post on the colon cancer site because that is where my hubby's cancer started, in the transverse colon, spread to liver and lungs. We are currently in treatment. Regarding treatment, you can read our bio on what George was given. It is the pretty standard first line chemo treatment. Don't lose hope there are things that can be done. Currently, George's response to chemo has been very good, with many of the mets either completely gone or showed significant improvement. Our next onc visit will have many treatment questions from me. We live close, I am in Michigan in the suburbs of Detroit. Although I have not gone there yet, one place you may want to research is the Karmanos Cancer Insititute in Detroit or the University of Michgian in Ann Arbor. Both are top notch. Take care - Tina

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I have been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. It is metastasized melanoma and I have been told by many Drs it is inoperable. Not much hope was given. BUT… I refuse to give up. I just finished stereotactic radiation treatments “Cyberknife” and I am undergoing high dose vit c, 75 grams, infusions 3x per week. Visit Kansas University web site for some solid information on the research. It is still research but it is gaining recognition in a lot of medical circles. Look into avemar as a dietary supplement for cancer patients. I have been taking it for a month now. You can access the research papers on their web site. Just type in avemar and it should come up. Never, never give up and educate yourself because your life depends on it. I didn’t go to the Cleveland clinic but I have heard really great things about there treatments. I have been to Moffitt in Tampa, Dana Farber in Boston and the Whittaker Clinic in Irvine Calif. Along with all my local Dr’s. The only hope came out of Whittaker Clinic. Put your trust in God and He will lead you as to what is best for you. Don’t listen to one Dr alone. They are telling you from what their education and niche is and there may be many other options to consider. Make sure you are changing your diet asap. Sugar and gluten free. That is extremely important even in late stage cancer. Don’t feed it! Many Dr’s don’t know enough about nutrition to be able to help in that area. Cancer feeds on glucose…sugar. Cut its supply line off immediately. Get as many opinions as you can and make an educated decision based on all you have learned. Always look for hope in your situation. I was given none and I am now expecting to survive based on what I am doing.
Get Susan Summers book on cancer. She lists some really reputable clinics and Dr’s that are having really good success with cancer treatments. Keep your spirits up because you can beat this!

Praying for you

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