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Donna here, I'm back

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Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for all those prayers and good thoughts. I was amazed that Ron managed to get on and he was really touched by all the messages and encouraging words that all of you sent and I loved the in laws joke, Bill. It is still pretty rough but I am eating a little over half a cup of food each meal, just had some pot pie and on Christmas eve had crab lumps dipped in butter. My family stands around in amazement watching me eat, it is our Xmas miracle!! since they did not see me eat solids since September. The incisions for the ribs and chest tubes are giving me the most pain and discomfort, the neck one doesn't bother me and the chest one is just tight. The nurses were excellent and the dr visited every day and told me I was the star patient, that the nurses were proud a woman could outdo the men for movement and activity, but I sure didn't feel like a star pt!!!! LOL!! Ron has been a wonderful nurse, I told him allow me one crabby fit a day and he has come up with good ideas to help me be more comfortable. I have to admit this is so much more than I ever anticipated. I won't be on the internet too much till I can move better. Also, for all you who have been thru this how the heck do you have a natural bm. sorry for being gross but now that I am eating, constipation alternates between green bile stuff. I had a big problem in the hospital and the dr said your intestines will take time to adjust but I need a gentle solution. That is my main problem now. I also lost a pound since coming home. My big complication in the hospital was a plugged J tube which had to be replaced the first week, that hurt big time but all else went so well that I know all of your prayers helped every step of the way. Thanks again and I will try to check in every couple of days. take care,

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The chest tube and ribs incision will be what gives you the most trouble, Jeff had alot of problems with that also, and because they broke his rib, the doctor told him last week it will take a long time for that to heal. What your eating is the same thing he had to eat and still does, you will see that you will eat small meals in the beginning and no problems but just be careful with meat. On the part about your down right POOP, well welcome to the life of EC you won't have a normal one for a while as your stomach is new and is trying to adjust to what you are putting in it, and remember pain pill constipates you too. Jeff still has his days of the poop, but it will get better about 3-4 months down the road, just be careful with a glass of milk cause you won't like the results at the end.

I am so glad you are home and doing well, sounds like your BIG GIRL PANTIES worked, through surgery and after.

Please keep in touch and if you have any quesitons please let me know been there and done that

Lori aka MOE

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Hi Donna,

Glad to hear that your doing so well. The bowel problems will come and go but it will get better. Al still tells me that if feels like his insides are numb. He also can't stick his belly out anymore it was like he got a tummy tuck.

Ron certainly is the trooper and don't limit yourself to one crabby moment a day. The better you feel the more you will want to do and the more you may find out that you are still unable
to do. I think that is what Al finds the most frustrating.

You take care of youself. Keep us posted!

God Bless

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Want to thank you all for your words of joy and encouragement and advice. Lori, I did have part of a rib taken out too, my whole back sticks out on one side really wierd looking and I can feel bones rubbing together. But sadly my question for you Lori, is what happened to Mike
Wild Turkey?? I can't follow everything but saw his last post where he is going into ICU? then I saw your post where you mentioned him with Kitten. I can't find out what happened and can't sit too long at the computer. Mike and I were the only ones on this board that I could tell had squamous and we were diagnosed the same time and the same level Stage 3TN1O but from what I could tell Mike did not respond to all the chemo and radiation. Are we allowed to put our email address on here, mine is hoperene@aol.com and I am glad to talk to anyone here. this board has been so good to me and Ron. have to get off for now, but thanks in advance, Lori.

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Donna. we have patiently prayed that you were recovering!! So nice to hear from you! Take it easy---we will be here for you. My dad is still on j-peg until re-swallow test 12/30. He had a mostly laproscopic approach and still is on pain meds, but I don' think it is too bad. He is pushing the walking though and it helps him, because he gets more uncomfortable when he can't get up.

We look forward to "see" you recover fully!

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Betty in Vegas
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Poor layne--no dairy for him and no butter....he would LOVE to have crab and butter. tehe. I told him so he could be jealous :)

It sounds like you are doing great and Ron is a GREAT caregiver. Tell him that I think he is AWESOME!


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