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adenod cystic carcinoma of parotid

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I have been fighting cancer since 2005. I have gone through 3 surgeries, 3 different rounds of radiation, 14 weeks each and 5 days of Cyber Knife. I can't have anymore radiation, so now I am on a Study drug, which I have been on since March of 09. The Dr's say my test show I am stable. My cancer started in the Parotid gland, it has now moved into my nerves on the left side of my face. My eye doesn't close , my face pulls, the inside of the ear stay's so dry and my mouth stays sore and food doesn't taste right. Besides all that I feel pretty good!!! Does anyone know what I can use in my ear for the dryness? Thank you!

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For someone with all your problems to say besides that I feel pretty good is what I call a positive attitude. I have a lot of problems with my ears it is not so much dryness but pain from the radiation and the tubes that the ENT put in to drain the liquid so I could hear. I do use a stuff called Ciprodex Otic Suspension 7.5ml it helps cool down the burning feeling, and I can use it with the tubes as it does not affect the inner ear drum. Check with your ENT and see what he think if it might help you.

Thanks Care

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