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Stage iv nsclc with mets to adrenal gland

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Is there any info out there regarding mets to adrenal gland with stage IV lung cancer?
Is the mets to any organ/gland worse than to another? My dad is in a lot of pain & hasn't started chemo yet. I don't know if it has spread to bones or not. Mom told us but we weren't supposed to know yet. We are going to "find out" this week. I will give him info which I learned from this wonderful network & all of you brave survivors/fighters.I hate to use the term "statistics", but what are the stats of mets to adrenal gland from nsclc? He was diagnosed 2 1/2 wks ago & has his 2nd opinion on 1/13/09.
Dad is 69 yrs old & b/c he told dr to be honest,she told him he has 1 1/2 yrs more or less.
B/C of this prognosis, he thinks there isn't much of a fight to be made.
I will assure him that the dr isn't GOD, it is all guesswork based on albeit experience .
Also any info out there as to what the first things I should say to him when I let him know that I now know his secret?

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I cant quote you stats on what is worse, how long the average time is, but what I can do is let you know that all the stats on earth may not apply to your Dad.
If you read my bio you will find that going by stats, I should have been long ago passed, but they can only go by what the average is and not by each individual and how they react to the disease and the treatment.
I was (as my bio states) diagnosis in 08 with Stage 4 SCLC in the left lung and NSCLC in the right with mets to my lymphs, I went thro chemo and it helped. I had to stop chemo because of some of the rare side effects and the complications it was causing to my other health issues. They told me with chemo maybe 1 to 1 1/2 years. But (as my bio shows) with my complicated health issues that might not even give me that long, "THEY WERE WRONG". Yes, I am on Hospice now, but even given that in Jan 09 they gave me 6 months, I have passed that and still going strong.
You must realize tho, that things can change rapidly, but with a Positive attitude and family support Your Dad can survive for a very long time. Many on this site have been Survivors for many years and still going strong.
I am alittle younger than your Dad, (49yrs old) I have a wonderful wife, 3 great Kids and 5 Beautiful Grandchildren. It is with their support and positive attitudes thta I can keep my fight going, I draw strength from them and they in turn draw strength from me.
You can live on the thoughts of what the stats say and let it eat at you and your Dad, or you can live life to the fullest now, creating memories and enjoying the time you have with each other.
Truth be told we are all going to pass sometime, no one has an expiration date on them. It is in Gods time that we live now, I have out lived many friends who were younger than I, so live life and enjoy all the time you have, dont try to live in the future, it will drive you crazy..
Your Dad needs to realize that he isnt alone and that with a positive sttitude anything is possible and no one knows anything forsure..
I realize this dosent answer the questions you have, but I hope that it does help in someway..

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Dad, You,and Your Family,

Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon


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