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Blog of the journey

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I have created a blog for those just starting out or getting ready to start on radiation treatment for head/neck cancer. I started the site to keep family and friends informed but also to educate others as to what the procedure is like etc. More for information for others with this same disease than me personally. There are my personal observations and thoughts interwoven so the human side will "shine" thru in certain parts. Please feel free to ask questions, comments, etc.


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Nice web-site hope it help people just getting started

Take care God bless

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It would seem that you have a good handle on what is about to happen to you. Not for the faint of heart. The mask that I had was black. Very dreary and most certainly ominous. Claustrophobic was one fear that came to mind. Another that worried me was drowning or gagging because of what accumulated in my mouth during the treatment. I feared it lodging in my throat and would never would have been able to get rid of it thus choking on all of that crap. Never happened but it was, never the less, very real to me.

Keep swallowing and drinking. If you hook that up with your already good attitude the treatments will soon be over. It is doable!! Good Luck!!

I liked your blog as well. I have it bookmarked. It will be interesting for you as well as me. I have a blog myself. Although cancer is a subject often used, I did not have a blog while under treatment. Now in retrospect I wish that I had.

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cwcad, Thanks for your comments. The mask must be diificult for lots of folks. I tolerate it right now quite well. This site is truly a blessing for an unvarnished look at fighting C. I am so thankful I stumbled into this site. The reading, responses, and sharing have been theraputic for sure. We, I , you are not alone in the fight. Take care.

diane w
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i cant seem to bring this site up any other ideas..
diane w from wisconsin

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The url is http://home.rr.com/radical. That should work for you.

Kent Cass
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Went onto your site. Looks like the same rad machine. Mask is a little different. Oh yeah- it does bring back the memories.

Are you only getting radiation, rather than both chemo and rad? I only caution you to keep it civilized, so as to not discourage others from starting treatment, jteasley. I am a 13-month survivor of NPC, chemo and full head and neck rads, now working and living as I was before C entered my life, with the largest exception being the condition of my 55 year-old mouth. Not sure I woulda wanted to know what I would have to go thru, beforehand, though. It is your site, and separate from CSN, so it's up to you. On CSN, jteasley, it's not all about you, or all about me, or anybody in specific. It is about helping to cope with the C, and support, without the discouraging of others to undergo treatment- the survival rate of our C is very good. If you only knew about the depths of where I was taken- such as that is for me, alone, to appreciate. We all have our own experiences of our own battles. Mine pale, for instance, in comparison to what Hondo went thru. Still, he and I share a mutual respect for the battle each has experienced, without the details. I hope you do not have the experiences he has lived, or even to the lesser I have. I truly do. However, if you do, I would hope that it is an experience, you will come to understand, that is for only you to appreciate the sufferage of, as it is with all of us on this forum.

I truly do extend my best of wishes for success in your battle, jteasley. Believe. It ain't pretty, but it is worthwhile, and one with each day a victory. And, in the end, it is pretty great. Believe.


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