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newly diagnosed

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My husband was recently diagnosed with EC on December 4th. He had hiccups when eating. Had a Barium swallow, endoscopy, and CT scan done at our local hospital. Referred to Cleveland Clinic to see a Thoracic surgeon. The surgeon was very negative. My husband had a kidney transplant 6 years ago and has developed diabetes since then. Surgeon did not think he would heal from the surgery. Said my husband had a 15% chance of getting out of the hospital after surgery. Not very good odds! He has appt. on the 28th to see an oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Hopefully we will find out exactly where and what stage the cancer is in. I would love to have any information that you have that could be helpful to us. Will keep all of you in my prayers as we journey throuhg this awful thing called cancer.

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William, knows his stuff on EC, and the doctors he used i understand is/was great. I think the world of Bill, when my husband was going through surgery here in Oklahoma and I thought I couldn't handle no more he was always there to pull me out of hole, when I got scared he always built me up, and trust me my husband was knocking on heavens door for a long time after surgery. I was really scared of Bill in the beginning but as time went on, i realized that this man knows what he is talking about, He isn't a doctor or a counselor but the words he puts to paper is so way good. Just know we all are here for you and we are all one happy family here and try to help each other along our road of EC.

You might just have to pull up your BIG GIRL PANTIES and move on. Just know I have been there and done this.

Lori aka Moe

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Hi I'm kathy Aka mumphy,

My husband was diagnosed in May with stage iv ec. He has since then had chemo, and surgery to
remove the tumor. We live in Pittsburgh and are blessed to have been referred to Dr. Luketich
and the team of Oncologist at the Hillman cancer center.

You need to get a second opinion. I wont hurt and you should get all of your questions answered.

Never give up, there is alway hope. I know from personal experience just like everyone at this site. Once you know what is going on then we will be able to help you more.

Just ask and someone is always here.

Good Luck,,
God Bless

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