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My 16 year old son needs a esophectomy-need help and advice please!

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Hello-My name is Tonia and I have a 16year old son who has a rare disease of the esophagus called Achalasia.I know this board is for cancer but I have no where else to turn right now regarding the surgery , Minimally invasive esophectomy..

He has underwent 2 operations in the past 4 years and is having horrible esophageal spasms daily and has been hospitalized 2 X the past month,on homebound from school and taking heavy narcotics daily,and severely depressed.His surgeon @ the Cleveland Clinic Ohio does not want to do the surgery on him cause he is too young so we searched further to the University of Pittsburg to Dr Luketich.DR Luketich has done over 1400 of these and has the expertise we are in need of.

DR Luketich said my son must get his quality of life back and is willing to do the Minimally Invasive ectomy on my son. I am looking for anyone who had had this done who would be willing to give me advice and info on this procedure.I know its a long hard recovery but we have no other choice at this time.Please any help or advice would be great!!!!
Thank you in advance-Tonia

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First off we have the person you need to talk to that has used this doctor for his surgery, one is William Marshall, and another one is Kathy aka MUMPHY, Mumphy husband just had it done in October and William is a 7 year survivor from him. I am sure they both will give you excellent advice on this doctor, by the way they talk he is an EXCELLENT doctor, please feel free to write them both.

You have found the best place here.

Lori aka MOE

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Hi this is Kathy aka Mumphy,

And ditto to Williams post. I can't say any thing bad about him or his team. He is not God
but it think God gave him a special gift in his ability as a surgeon.

We are still recovering from the surgery, My husband had stage iv ec. He took out the tumor
and re attached part of his esophagus to his stomach.

I just can not tell you what a God send these people are.

Any questions just post and I will try and answer.

God Bless.


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Hi Tonia,

Your son will be in great hands. Dr. Luketich is a wonderful Dr. As it turned out my dad as unable to have surgery, but when I was searching, Dr. talked to me on the phone several times, called my parents several times. We met with him and he was just wonderful. If my dad is ever able to have the surgery we would travel back there in a heartbeat. No, he's not God, but I believe God sent him to us. His team was also wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone that could travel to him. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Do let us know how you son does.


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