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First I would like to say how happy I am to hear that Mikes (landranger25) Petscan came back normal. That really gave me a boost. Mike you have a great compfort to here. Christmas was great felt good and had whole family over and with the twins truly a christmas to remember. Well thought thursday was my last rad. #33 but turns out they are doing 35. Miscommuication but no biggie. Do what they say. Last chemo was tuesday and I guess the change is my tongue feels like I dipped it in crisco. Just the whole tongue feels nasty. I rinse ajhbout every hour with water mixed with salt and baking soda. Then wit biotene. Every 2nd or 3rd rinse I use miracle mouthwash. Throat is ok. Drank 72 oz of water yesterday and a shake so proud of that. I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas.


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Yep it happens; if I remember right the doctor told me I would only have to do 25 treatments at 180 rads each, when he added another 10 treatments I got really mad at him. My whole face was like a French fry and I was not taking it too well, but when it was filial over I was very glad. So just two more, well all I can say you are already a winner my friend. Glad to hear your Christmas was good nothing like family and friend to help boost your spirit up. I am amazed that you are able to still drink, that is really good as your body is still strong despite the radiation treatments.

Take care and may the God of our fathers watch over you always

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Kurt, so glad to hear from you. Glad you had a great Christmas with your family. A big part of our success during this is really up to us. Your attitude about this has been great. You play the hand you're dealt. Mouth will get better! So glad you are still drinking! That's really good. I actually over did it yesterday when we went to Pizza Hut after a movie and made my throat really sore. It was only the second time I have had pizza and I think there was just a little too much texture there. Oh well. Pizza was good and my throat is always better the next day when I wake up. Sorry about the additional rads. Doc knows best. You can finish these up standing on your head! You are going to be amazed at how much better you feel in the next couple of weeks. Keep drinking and getting those shakes down. Can you do soup or other liquids? PEG working out? Take care Kurt, you are doing awesome.


diane w
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my tongue on both sides have sores that hurt so bad tomorrow will be # 20 radiation
and number 6 chemo erbitux so only one more chemo after that the rash is getting
better, i am still drinking shakes carnation 560 calories so i drink 4 a day and my
water try to drink 6/8 glasses a day.. i do all the mouth washing and the magic
mouth wash and the pain medicine but nothing seems to help these sores i
think the one side that is so painful is rubbing against my teeth.. anyone, please
any other suggestions.. thanks for all your support
diane w from wisconsin can also e mail me at rlwcpa@execpc.com

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