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We made it!!! And Holland was waiting in her snowy white coat!!!!!

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You guys remember my tales of being bumped to Business Class the last 2 trips from LA to Amsterdam, right? Well, it happened again!!! We got the 'big' seats...

Seemed that there were so few business class people, and so many coach passengers, plus horses (I LOVE the idea of a flying horse...lol!) that the plane could not be balanced, so we couldn't take off till it was fixed. They tried moving luggage around, but to no avail...so, they moved we 'comfort zone' flyers to business class, the 3 business class folks to first class, and select coach people to the 'comfort zone' (more leg room, and the only place on a 747 where there are 2 seats in a row...).

The flight was great, the weather held, and when we touched down, there was sunshine welcoming us, along with patches of snow!!!

So, we are now settling in to our 'dutch' home...and I am getting a bit sleepy...We have already had our pea soup and the first bread of the visit (LOVE that bread!!!). mmmmm!

The stocking, BTW, was a GREAT success...my step daughter screamed when she saw it, and hugged me many, many times!

More later....Tot ziens!

Hugs, Kathi

Julie 44
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Good for you glad you finally made it....Boy how do you get that lucky being bumped up again???? Hope you have a wonderful time and send us some pictures when you can...Enjoy...JULIE

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I knew she'd love it! Take some great pictures!!

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You seem to always fall into just the right situation when you fly. I hope you have a fabulous visit and oome home with many stories and pictures for us.

I knew that stocking would go over well. It's gorgeous!


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So glad you had a safe and upgraded flight. I know you were thrilled that the stocking was so enthusiastically received. Have a wonderful visit.

Thoughts become things - choose the good ones!

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So, which horse was I a counter balance for???? Huh????

Hopefully, a petite filly with fire in her heart...

Hugs, Kathi

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