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Impact on Bladder after da vinci

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Had my da vinci procedure in February--I have found that my bladder doesnt hold fluids as well as it used to. My doc says that the bladder was actually reduced in size as a result of the operation, since he had to remove a smal portion.

interested in whether anyone else has had a similar experience.

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I'm not sure if you are refering to leakage or capacity.

As far as leakage, I'm about the same as pre-op ... no problem.

My capacity is down from what is was several years ago, when I never needed to get up at night; however, it is a lot better than it was the week befor my surgery, when my 70 gram prostate was pushing on my bladder and I was getting up 3 to 4 times a night. Now, there are nights when I do not need to get out of bed!

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i am referring to capacity., the doc said he had to cut out part of the bladder.

i am wondering how common this is with the da vinci procedure.

leakage ceased to be a problem after about 8 weeks.

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I had RP in January, and I think my bladder capacity is a bit less than before. However, I'm happy that the discomfort I used to have from chronic prostatitis is gone.

I'll bet you could increase your bladder capacity slowly over time, by trying to wait longer between bathroom visits.

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