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Last Chemo treatment is this Tusday.... I made it thanks to all of you!!

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Just wanted to thank everbody on the board for helping me get through chemo. On this Tuesday at 11am I go in for my last chemo treatment. If I could buy everyone a beer for getting me through the chemo treatments I would. I have learned so much more in the last 18 weeks then I have in 46 years (Yes i'm 46). The number one thing I learned is that every day is a gift and to see it as such, because you never know when it may be your last one. The number two thing I learned is that I have a lot of friends on this board who without them I don't think I would have made this trip without them pulling me through it... You guys mean the world to me. Thank you

Tuesday Dec 29th I go in at 11am for chemo and go home with pump
Thursday Dec 31st they remove the pump and PICC Line
Friday.... I party!!

Life is funny sometimes

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Congratulations to you! I finished my last 3 pills of Xeloda yesterday! We can celebrate together! Cheers!

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Congrats on last chemo treatment!!! WOW.... I bet that's a great feeling! From the time you were declared NED .... how many chemo treatments will you have had from that point? I am just comparing notes. I was NED Dec. 1st but Onc says he would like me to have about 3 more treatments (he is gradually reducing cocktail) which I now will get every 3 weeks instead of 2. He said if CEA remains under 3 then he will discontinue all chemo..... BUT...after those 3 more treatments


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Congratulations!!! It is an amazing feeling indeed! rejoice and celebrate!!!!

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I remember you were the first one to PM me when I first had my DX. It really seems like a long time ago but really not. I'm so happy for you and wish you NEDNESS for the rest of your life which should be about 100 or so, right?


Fight for my love
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Hi Brooks,congratulations!I think every oncologist has his(her) own opinion,that's why everybody's chemo is different.You are lucky that the oncologist only gives you 9 round,but my husband has to do 12.Anyway I am very very happy for you that you are finishing up the whole treatment.Good luck with everything.Happy new year.

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on a job well done young man.......may you live for another 46, give or take 50 or so....Love and Hope, Buzzard

Julie 44
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That is awesome news congrats...Now take time and enjoy your family and life..Stop and smell the roses...Like you said cause you never know.........JULIE

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Congrats, Brooks! I can't wait until I'm where you are! Heck, I wish I was where you are! I love San Diego! One of my favorite places to vacation!

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I know how you feel...my last treatment I was still very sick, but a week later I was dancing all over the place. Yippee for you!

Many hugs, Vicki

PS - I'll go have a beer and pretend you bought it for me!

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Outstanding i know you could make it. it only get better from Here.
Now we have a good reason to party with Phil and Craig.
God bless
Just happy to be here!!!

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Make mine a Crown and Coke and we're on :)


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What an absolutely perfect way to start the New Year. Congratulations!

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Congrats Brooks! I knew you'd do it! Done forever and ever!

I'll be 59 on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to 60, 70, 90.....

Big hugs,

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so darn happy for you, bud. I hope this last one is truly the last one and you never ever have to face the picc line or chemo again. I'm clinking my wine glass to you, cheers, my friend!

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I want to thank all of of you for encouraging words. REMEMBER, We did this together... All of you were with me every step of the way.

Life is funny sometimes

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You have done a great job! You are strong, caring, compassionate, couragous, and you can kick this cancers ***!! From the other posts I see and you see, you are a real asset to this board! Thank you so much for your sharing, insights, and inspiration! Make it a Great Day!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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That's awesome, Brooks! Hope you have a heck of a party!


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For the beer on the boardwalk I'll have to fly you out here as I don;t fly. Nice work after all the pain,misery, discomfort and things going wrong. Hope you join you within three or so months..Steve

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

For the beer on the boardwalk I'll have to fly you out here as I don;t fly. Nice work after all the pain,misery, discomfort and things going wrong. Hoope you join yiou within three or so months..Steve

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Getting through that last round of chemo is hard but when you are done you feel like nothing can get in your way! Great job!

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Tomorrow is the big day my brother, you better get out and celebrate afterwards! well, that is when you're feelilng up to it! This was a hard road to get through, I will be living with chemo, and so glad to hear others who don't have too! you keep up the fight!


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I'm so glad to hear that you're coming up on your LAST time of having chemo- yeehah- you made it!!!
Start passing out the beers! (except that I can't have any alcohol while on interferon- lol!:)

Here's to a very Happy New Year and a new start of healthy living again!


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Congrats, I am so happy for you, you should be so proud of yourself. I toast my beer in your honor!

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Nice to have it finished and to be NED!! What a great way to greet the New Year!

Happy New Year! Rob; in Vancouver

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Awesome. You have every right to party. So happy for you. You have earned yourself a party. Hope all goes well for your last chemo treatment. What a way to bring in the New Year.


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Really happy for you. Especially good timing to celebrate!

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Nana b
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Tomorrow is your last chemo, yeah!!!!!!

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Thinking of you tomorrow. So glad you're done!


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