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Did everyone have MERRY CHRISTMAS?

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I had such a lovely Christmas! I think everyone in my family said it at least once: "Best Christmas ever!" There were lots of hugs and lots of laughter and even lots of sentimetal tears over the special homemade gifts and thoughtful choices and tpuched reactions. The grandchildren were more grateful than greedy; more joyful than frenzied. All branches of our cobbled-together family of divorces and step-kids and married-ins seemed to genuinely enjoy each other and love each other. And I know a lot of the peace and warmth was in realization of what is happenening to me, and a re-set in priorities. The typical little family pettinesses or squabbles were set aside. I think my own sentimental easy tears (a side effect of how exhausted I get lately and my Irish heritage) softened everyone's hearts towards each other. For one day, at least.

I'm not saying that cancer is a blessing (HECK NO!!!), but I will say that it makes a family re-evaluate how they interact with the people they really love. In a good way.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! ((((HUGS & love & health!))))

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Good morning, Linda.

Thinking of you yesterday, I was glad to read your post this morning and to see that you had one of those very special Christmas holidays. Ours is a blended family as well, we celebrate our last "Christmas" next week with my 2nd hubby's kids and grands...the littles are too young to understand, but his growns have been amazing in their loving treatment of me.(their mom died of lung cancer on Dec. 21, 2002.)I have been gifted with wonderful steps.

No cancer is not a blessing, but I have to agree that the cancer provides a shift in priorities...Thanksgiving was that way for us as I was less than 2 weeks out from my surgery and had not yet gotten the path results.

Thank you for your uplifting post. Now, get about the business of taking care of you...I, personally, want to see your bright words for a very long time around here.


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rain and all day and night, just stayed in and watched tv , very boaring, tried calling friends but they were not answering or phones were off, , and the only excitment I had was at 11 30 pm just as I was finishing watching a show, boom out went the electric,
called electric co they said there was a small power outage, , the other side of the street was lit , I was not :(
so went to bed praying I would not wake up an icicle !
4 hr later woke up to the lovely sound of the heater coming on,

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