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Coloplast Virtue sling out / AMS AdVance sling in Now 100% DRY!

john lautzenhiser
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My number one wish for myself this Christmas was to have the Coloplast Virtue male sling, implanted last July, surgically removed from my body and replaced with an American Medical System’s AdVance male sling. My wish became reality on the 17th of December at The Cleveland Clinic.

My five (5) months of tortuous pain, since the unconsented implant of the Virtue sling, is beginning to fade. This removal surgical procedure is extensive “aka wicked” because the four “arms” of the Virtue sling and the “platform” of the Virtue sling invade so many areas of the pelvic area. To make matters worse (if that is possible), the Virtue mesh is designed to attract the in-growth of surrounding tissue for the purpose of “scarring” or anchoring the Virtue sling in place. This device is NOT designed to be removed.

I am posting this information because others have contacted me and told me that their suffering with the Virtue sling was basically the same as mine. FDA / MAUDE AdVerse Event reports tell of similar situations.

I contacted Coloplast, about one month after the Virtue sling was implanted in my body, and explained I was experiencing continuous and intolerable pain from the Virtue implant and ask for their assistance in locating a surgeon or facility that had experience in removing the Virtue sling. To my astonishment, they were not able to offer any meaningful assistance but did wish me GOOD LUCK!

To better understand my anguish, the Virtue sling, sewn inside my body was, at places, barely under my skin allowing me to easily feel the hard vertical mesh supports (upper arms) located on each side and near the base of my penis, the hard platform in my scrotum, plus the hard (lower arms) extending to and wrapped around my lower rami pubic bone. To me, this device was EXTREMELY intrusive in addition to being intolerably painful due to unrelenting mutable nerve irritations.

To make matters worse, no creditable support was made available to me when I sought help. It was my good fortune that the experts at The Cleveland Clinic agreed to help me find relief from this hellish experience.

In summary, I experienced unprecedented feelings of anger, despair and near helplessness upon learning I was implanted with a pain-generating device that I knew nothing about, then learned it was in the early stages of Clinical Trials with no data available to the public (me) compounded by being implanted in my body without my consent.

If I can help others from my ordeal, I can be contacted at: bigxbadxjohn2@yahoo.com

I almost forgot to mention, with the AdVance sling, I am now 100% DRY for the first time in ten (10) years!

Happy Holidays to all,


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Dear John, I read your post and need to seek some advice and information, since I still suffer incontinence (2-3 Depend pads a day) after my robotic removal of my cancerous prostate almost a year and 9 months ago. My Urologist said that one option is to do nothing about the condition, but I cannot live like this and am thinking of having the Male Sling installed. He admitted that he has not performed many of these procedures; nor apparently have most Urologist-surgeons. You found an experienced one and have had successful results. Could you share with me your experience, including the surgeon and hospital where this was done. Before I do anything, I want to interview doctors to make certain that I shall be in the hands of someone experienced and trustworthy. Thank you for making your results available to others.

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