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A New Year's Wish

california_artist's picture
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Joined: Jan 2009

May the coming year bring back joy to our minds

and health to our bodies

and the strength of heart to fight this diagnosis,

to us in their fullest,

is my wish for us all.

With love and caring,


TiggersDoBounce's picture
Posts: 413
Joined: Oct 2009

My sentiments exactly...

Happy New Year to all...

Counting down the weeks till Radiation is over...and the rest of the Chemo goes on!

Hope everyone had a great Hanukah and Christmas!


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Joined: Dec 2009

Ditto, Claudia.

May we all live so long to give our docs a medical kick in the pants.

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Joined: Dec 2009

2010, the year to heal.

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Joined: Aug 2009

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful ladies and their families!

Anonymous user (not verified)

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california_artist's picture
Posts: 865
Joined: Jan 2009

check button up on top. I'm trying to read this things in the middle of the night and sometimes my brain has no idea what the heck your letters are trying to convey.

I kinda like the ADHD quality you have. makes things interesting. Heck, I think we can all vouce for the ADHD way of doing things you have, eh girls?

Start thinking outside the box. You might find what you're looking for there.


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