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1 down, millions to go

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Good News..because of my colonoscopy results that started this whole adventure back in November, my older brother is finally going to have a colonoscopy next month. Yay!! Now if we could just get the other few million people that are putting it off to go ahead and just do it...all would be well. (or at least better..)

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for you, isn't it? I had our children each get colonoscopies very early due to husband's diagnosis. Hopefully his will be just fine and you will be also.

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My 38 yr old son-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer 2 yrs ago with no symptoms
I am 66 yrs old and have every excuse and reason in the book to not get a colonoscopy even with IBS and diverticuloses and getting educated about CC. (Spelling) 1 month ago I was having a bad bout of IBS and went to the doctor knowing what he would say, I had a colonoscopy the next week and it was so easy i was ashamed of my self, I checked out fine and what a huge relief. I if you read these board and read about their journeys you should consider doing this, merry christmas

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There were still three out of my eight siblings who had not yet scheduled theirs. One brother, who's younger than I had been having rectal bleeding for weeks. He and one of my older sisters got their done! YAY! Both were good to go (hemorrhoids for my younger brother)and they'll repeat in five years. Two down and one to go -- plus the other 1 million...

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My family also had colonoscopys after my tumors were found, my brother has small tumors removed and was saved from full blown cancer, my siter small polps and my mom small ones too,
my brother was younger in late 30's sister one year older 45 and mom 67, never to soon to be checked.

You all take care

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We have to keep spreading the word!


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