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Wife is pregnant

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I was diagnosed with tc in june of '08. Since then I have had my testicle removed, the rplnd, and chemotherapy. I completed 2 cycles of bep on 12-29-08 and now my wife is 6 weeks pregnant. I am really concerned about the new baby having birth defects although the doctor has said the chemo should be out of my system and not affect the baby. Is there anyone who has been in this situation that can share their experience with me? Will my baby be ok?

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My Husband is going through Chemo as I right this we are sitting in infusion. So I know it is a scary thing to go through and now you have a blessing that is also a fear for you. My only words of wisdom that I can give you are simply this...Every single baby is a gift and miracle from God, I am sure that even if your child is born with a something different than "normal" God will help you find a way to overcome and you will still love that child more than you could expect. Trust your doctors and know that faith can pull you both through. My cousin just went through chemo while pregnant she had ovarian cancer and her baby boy was born absolutely perfect-one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. I believe from the bottom of my heart that God would have not let your wife get pregnant if he didn't want it to happen, and years from now you will see his plan. God's many blessing upon you and your family! keep the Faith!

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That is very beautiful what you said about having Faith and having it in the right person, God.

May God grant you healing accordance to your faith

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