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ct scan follow up from radiation and holiday woes

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I Hate holidays, there i said it.
First i hope everyone is having a good day, Mine are not so good lately and i really am unsure how to shake it. My family is driving me crazy, I wish i was alone. The holiday season is the worst for me and has been most of my married life, my husband had a bad childhood and does not believe we should celebrate at all, in the begining he tried but lately with both of us being sick he has just refused to have anything to do with it. So if that stress is not enough, everyone is wishing you a merry christmas or happy holiday and i will not have either. the best day is going to be Jan 2,. Oh ok, thats that.

I had 28 sessions of radition to my pelvis regoin. And it was mostly uneventfull until the 13 time and everyday after that inwhich everything below the belly button became fried and shredded and mostly burn to a crisp>>>:

After the radiation the burning continued and two weeks later, ( today) it still is burnt.

From what i am told it will get better.

I had a ct scan of everything and found that my liver tumor has shrunk to less than 1 cm, which is good, The scan also showed a spot (new) spot on my kidney and several cyst on my ovaries, there was explaination of either just that they were there.

Weird was no mention of my primary recal tumor. Which is what i was wanting to know about,

So i am confused and left in antisipation of my doctors appiontments were i can ask whats up?

So what am I to do, be happy oh sure. I will try.

I just want any of you all that struggles with similar issues that your not alone. Its ok like me not be happy about the holidays. It's OK.

Wishing we were all well,


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that the radiation has burnt you so badly. My husband did not have radiation, only 5fu pump and Oxy. I hope that your pain will subside and you will have some comfort soon. Holidays are so hard for many folks, so don't feel like you are alone with this feeling.
I hope and pray that you will be able to shake this depression, and I know it's hard to do. It's good to think about the liver tumor that has shrunk. That's great news. And the cysts on your ovaries are rather common, I'm told. And they could be just that-cysts. Focus on that liver tumor that has shrunk in size. I pray that you will be OK.

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I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I hope things will be better very soon!


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So sorry to hear that you are suffering with the radation burn. I have been there and if it is any consolation, once the healing starts it is rapid. I don't know how many more treatments you have, but I hope not many. I also have a husband that is bah-humbug about the holidays and that can be a real bummer. Please try to keep your spirits up. I hope that you will have brighter days ahead.

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Maybe the radiation burned away the rectal tumor entirely, and that's why it wasn't visible on the CT scan. I believe that happens sometimes. Anyhow, it sounds like it might be good news.

My wife doesn't much care for the Christmas rituals, either. She didn't want a Christmas tree, this year, but she didn't mind that I put one up.


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I'm with you on the holidays this year for different reasons. I'm sorry your going through so much I hope it does get better for you. Big hugs Sonia

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Today was not to terrible, and i hope you were able to find some laughter, i am sorry about your troubles too. I have been married 20 plus years and it is a struggle to keep it going,
especially hard around the holidays, but i have found humor into day and thats going to be good enough for now, i have another day to conquere tomarrow and i have to be thankful for that.

I did some research on the internet of terms in my CT report and it seems that maybe the primary tumor has shunk to where there is no sign

the report read, and maybe someone esle know what it means,
"No retroperitoneal or root of mesentery mass or adenopathy is appreciated."

I am assuming that is refering to my primary tumor?

And it means it is gone?

Everyone thanks and
Live Laugh play

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