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Still BANNED from CSN / bigxbadxjohn

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On or about the 11th of December 2009 I attempted to login to CSN to post an update regarding my upcoming surgery regarding what might be the first surgery in the world to remove a Coloplast Virtue sling due to continuous intolerable pain since it was implanted in my body approximately five (5) months ago.

I received a notice that my login was being BLOCKED or FORBIDDEN. Since I had always been careful not to use any offensive language in my post I wondered if some kind of a mistake had occurred. I simply set up new login information and posted an update regarding my suffering with the Virtue sling. I believe this post was deleted.

When I attempted to login on Sunday the 13th of December, I was 100% BLOCKED with a message that read: BANNED XXXX XXXXX XXXX (my IP address) SORRY! My primary IP address continues to be BANNED to this day. Fortunately I have other IP addresses but I see no point in wasting my time where my unique and potentially useful information is not welcome.

If those that BAN the truthful exchange of non-offensive messages on this website are banning my post because they don't like my truthful messages or are succumbing to outside forces, they are sicker than we are.

I am now recovering from a 3 1/2 hour major surgery last Thursday at The Cleveland Clinic. As much of the Coloplast Virtue sling was cut from my body as possible and an AdVance sling was implanted during this procedure.

The pain and suffering from this surgery is very similar to the pain and suffering from my open prostatectomy ten (10) years ago. I now expect my pain and suffering to diminish with the passing of time. I was 100% convinced that my pain and suffering was permanent with the Coloplast Virtue implant.

If there is a lesson to be learned from my horrible experience, it is to make 100% certain that your urologist/surgeon does not describe a specific sling and procedure to you and then, during surgery, implant a very different device that has little or no obtainable history and is MUCH more obtrusive than the device that you consented to.

This will probably be my last post on CSN. It is obvious the gatekeepers of CSN do not appreciate my willingness to share my ordeal with other prostate cancer survivors.

I will continue to post on WWW.HealingWell.com look for: male_sling_problems

If I can be helpful, in any way, my email address is: bigxbadxjohn2@yahoo.com

I almost forgot to mention, some of the specific pain, that I was experiencing from the Virtue mesh, has disappeared already and I am 100% dry with my new AdVance sling! For the first time in ten (10) years, no pads.

Happy Holidays to all,


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I really thank you for your post. No one should be banned for posting information, even if it is stupid or wrong, the readers will uncover it, expose it. We are all adults here and this is dreadful news to read, it makes one suspicious of the intent of the forum...

I've been banned from healingwell, so I can't share your enthusiasm for that site....I wrote up my husbands story of his experience with HIFU and within an hour it was deleted and I was banned, I wrote the administrator and we exchanged emails for a while, he just would not allow HIFU talk, although he did allow one guy who had a bad HIFU experience in Europe to post! healingwell doesn't allow PMs, that to me is a sign of a forum that is hiding something. Have you tried cancer compass or Cancer Forums.net?

So happy to read you aren't supporting the pad industry anymore!! Many the rest of your years be happy ~ and healthly!

john lautzenhiser
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Hello HIGUgal,

Thanks for responding. I sincerely hope our experiences open the eyes of readers who might be misled into thinking these message boards are 100% friendly and honest. It appears it all depends on posting messages that align with the interest of the gatekeepers for these sites.

My login was ZAPPED again since I posted the above message. I am certain another of my IP address will be BANNED next. I will soon need to decide if I want to login at a different McDonald's each day or take the hint and go away.

For me, filtering (censoring) information intended for cancer survivors, searching for information to help them make life saving decisions, is unconscionable.

If I can be helpful, my email address is: bigxbadxjohn2@yahoo.com

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I really hope they (the monitors at this place) take your case to heart and reconsider. It's surely makes it hard to trust any of these places, as we don't know what is really going on, but I wonder why they don't erase what you write..? Maybe they need to fix their computer to NOT ban you!

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You obviously aren't banned, John. Only members who violate terms and conditions of the site are banned.

I'm glad your procedure went well.

Happy holidays to all,

Your CSN staff

john lautzenhiser
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Hello Greta,

Thanks for responding.

Unless I am having trouble reading and understanding English, my primary IP address remains 100% BANNED by CSN. It appears that my primary IP address has been BANNED by CSN for the last two weeks.

If I attempt to login using my primary IP address, I only see a mostly BLANK screen with the following message in the upper left hand corner: SORRY (my IP number) is BANNED!

This message does not leave too much to one's imagination.

As anyone knows, that have read my post in the past, I have NEVER used any offensive language. Additionally, all information that I posted was 100% truthful and as accurate as humanly possible.

I endured a "hellish" experience with a Coloplast Virtue male sling for more than five (5) months. The pain was continuous, intolerable and tortuous. I can not adequately describe my relief since having this device removed at The Cleveland Clinic on the 17th of December 2009. The surgery to remove this device was extensive since this device's mesh (four arms & platform) extends into numerous and separate parts of the pelvic area.

It is my understanding that this message board is a place to share all experiences (good & bad) with cancer survivors. Meddling with this process destroys the credibility of this site.

Happy Holidays to all,


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