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Wanted to make sure I got this out

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Joined: Jun 2009

Just wanted to make sure I got this out... You people on this board are great and I'm so lucky to have found you. You make my day EVERYDAY!!!

I love you all

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Joined: Dec 2009

I agree 100% on your coment I too am glad I found this site we all need something to help us get through this and for me you all do it I needed this very bad am very happy to be apart of it..happy holidays to you.

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Joined: Dec 2009

As one of the newbies to the group, you're ALL wonderful! It truly is family here and I feel welcome. I have the best support system here at home, but this place makes fighting this beast easier. It also helps my husband understand things as well. Thank you!

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

you and the people here have been lifesaviors.....thank you all again....steve

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Joined: May 2007

This is a great community to belong too. Thanks for being a part of it.

Rob; in Vancouver

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Just kidding. I love all you guys and you make my life better too. Thanks for all the christmas cards. My family keeps wondering where I am getting all of them from. It`s hard to explain to others why I have such a bond with people i`ve never met face to face. My friends don`t get it. They nod their heads and look at me like I`m crazy. It means alot. Noone can understand unless the have been through what we have been through and I would not wish it on anyone else, so they are better off being ignorant about it.


Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

NYS Lottery has a slogan:"You have to be in it to win it" I think for us its:"You have to have it to be in it (unless you;re a caregiver)" I don;t think the uninitiated do understand what we go thru and those I thought I could count on can't deal with it/me so......Wishing you and your family a joyous Holiday and hope next year brings even better news/results than 2009...steve

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and right back at you buddy!

Love, Leslie

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Joined: Feb 2008

We're just as lucky to have you, dear.


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Joined: Nov 2009

for being here for all of us!

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Joined: Apr 2009

Thank you brooks,you are so right.I hope you have happy holidays!!!

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Joined: Oct 2008

brooks love you atitude i love this board and all of the people.by the way have you done a santa rock yet?if so post it so we can see it...Godbless,,,,johnnybegood

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