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1/2 face swollen

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HI. My hubby was (is?) supposed to be discharged tomorrow, but when they started him on a liquid diet today, his left side of face - cheek, neck area and top of shoulder are really swollen. So, they took him off of liquids and I am sure the surgeon will come tomorrow to see what's happening. The nurse touched it and feels like it is air. Looks like we may have to stay another day. Our girls are crying for us to come home - poor things :( We haven't seen them in 8 days. This is really hard.

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Face swollen too? My husband has had his feeding tube in for almost two weeks. His cheek and neck are VERY swollen as well, the doctor said yesturday his felt like a clogged salivary duct. Because his mouth is so dry they get blocked and back up into the duct. He is on antibiotics but it is very painful to the touch. I hope you both get home really soon, I know how hard it is to be away from your children. Praying for you all!

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Thank you Aunti_M
My hubby's new esophagus has a leak. Then, infection set in in two of his incisions. He One in his neck and the other in his tummy area. He's home now and on heavy antibiotics. I have to change his gauze several times a day -- which means that I have to put the gauze INSIDE his wounds - I do have to say, I was pretty grossed out at first, but now I am getting over that. He seems to be doing better - his face is less swollen now. He is still pretty weak, but at least he's home :) We finally have our girls with us again.

I'm praying for you all too.

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I have been following your posts---so many to keep track of on this site. But just know you are surrounded with prayers even though we may not know each other much. Your hubby is lucky to have such a caring wife to help him through this! My mom says they just take one day at a time. My dad, although he had his surgery 12/7 failed first swallow test. And since they live 3 1/2 hours from the hospital (Duke) the next one isn't scheduled until 12/30--he's been on a feeding tube since surgery. Maybe they are being extra cautious since he is so thin normally?? Well keep up your great "nurse" work at home!

you're both in my thoughts & prayers...

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