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So confused

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So dad went into surgery this am, cause they said he had a leak. One which the CT nor the sallow picked up. They said it was a tiny leak. Maybe went undected from the start. So they got in their and said the leak will correct it self and they also said found a ulcer but said it was common. So the flushed him out really well and inserted the chest tubes to drain him.. He also will just have tube feeding for a couple days, NOTHING BY MOUTH... They also said that the fluid in the chest cavity is not stool, I guess they may thought thats what it was... He is on antibotics and will continue them at home whenever he comes home. He will under go another sallow and ct tets as well...

Im just confused if their was a leak, why didnt they fix it? dont they fix them?

I kinda feel that its an infection and that is why they FLUSHED him out soo well. They went in cause I think they thought it may have been stool. I just dont understand it all. We ask them and they dont have answers, just it shouldnt happen again, Well you didnt fix it "you" said.

Merry christmas will be at the hospital, but dad's health is IMPORTANT to us!


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I feel for you---bc our dads' had the surgery on almost the same date I think--if not the same (for us12/7). But my dad failed the initial swallow test so they sent him home on a feeding tube until 12/30!!!! I really was uncomfortable with that---never hearing any of the folks on this site going that long... So he is also not able to take anything by mouth... But our dr's said they wanted to be extra cautious since he was doing well. I also wonder why they can't just do a scope and correct the leak with a few stitches---but I think the trick is that the tissue has to actually heal--to really "seal" it up...but then I wonder about that stuff they use instead of stitches now a days!!!

My dad will be at his home, but is very tired, cold and just taking day by day. It has been almost 6 months that they have been aggressively dealing with this and I feel for them.

Hang in there--

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Yes I wonder about the stitches too.. But the DR said if you stitch it you put more holes in the fargile tissue.. We shall see..

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Hi. My hubby has a leak too! He had surgery on Dec 16th. A few days after surgery, the surgeon performed a scope and said she couldn't find any leaks. So, they started him on a clear liquid diet. 3 hours later, the left side of his face and neck ballooned out! They took him off all liquids. He also developed an infection in his neck by the incision site and in his tummy incision. They told us his body will naturally seal itself and then he can go back to liquids but until then, he has to be on a feeding tube. They didn't want to fix it because that would mean another surgery - be to hard on the body I guess to go through another surgery in that close proximaty.
Praying for your dad and that he recovers well from all of this.

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In this case I have to agree, If it can fix itself let it the anesthesia is very hard on the body. Al has had so many tests that he has had to put completely out for that I actually think that it is part of the fog that he is still sometimes under.

Sorry to here about the leaks.

Take care and keep us posted.

God Bless,

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